New Games for April 19th, 2024 - Lantern Trecheries cause Kaos in the Rescue Kingdoms

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Kaos in the Catacombs
  • Treacheries of the Troublesome Towns: Tomes I & II - A Living Town Generator for Four Against Darkness
  • The Lantern: The Four Against Darkness Zine, Issue Three
  • Dangerous Space: P2-777 Rescue Mission


Kaos in the Catacombs

Choose your adventurer and descend into the catacombs in search of gold and fame. But be careful, because the Squeleton King and his minions guard the rooms until they die… Well… They’re already dead!

Venture deeper within the catacombs, defeat the big baddie waiting for you at the end, and escape with as much loot as you can. Getting in will be the easy part, as there is a decent chance to get some rooms without an encounter - but that won’t happen as you try to escape. If you like a quick, easy-to-understand game that lets you chuck dice and explore new rooms, you will want to discover the Kaos within these catacombs.


Treacheries of the Troublesome Towns: Tomes I & II - A Living Town Generator for Four Against Darkness

Tome 1 covers the rules to generate towns. Tome 2 has all the tables and the Book of Secrets. You need both Tomes to play! Betrayal. Love. Crime. Lust. Create cities as you explore them, one building at a time, with uniquely detailed inhabitants given purpose and goals, rife with danger and adventure. You can become a ruler, partake in conspiracies or thievery, burn heretics, haggle, buy houses, lead revolutions, hunt villain masterminds, marry into nobility, raise children.

If you’ve ever played a game, whether solitaire or with others, and wished you could know just a little more about the surroundings, you aren’t alone. These books promise to give you some ways to generate those answers about towns, which can go really in-depth to a building-by-building level or just be used to get a general feel for the overall town. This is a tool that is sure to be useful both for players of Four Against Darkness, but also to those who play other RPGs as well or who write stories. This not only helps you to flesh out the towns you explore, but also the people inhabiting them.


The Lantern: The Four Against Darkness Zine, Issue Three

A nice 60-page issue packed full of excellent content related to Four Against Darkness. Within these pages you will find four new adventures to explore, which is a ton of awesome content. Also in the pages comes Zvuk, the Trumpeteer, a new weird monster to encounter. Find houseruling on holy symbols, as well as an article on using pregenerated maps within these pages. Whether you are an experienced vet to the system, or fairly new to exploring Four Against Darkness, there is plenty in here to bring about some strong value.


Dangerous Space: P2-777 Rescue Mission

P2-777 no longer endures the old nicknames the humans gave him. He’s earned his preferred moniker of Pete.

Delve into the danger once more with your favorite automated friend, Pete, and attempt to rescue the survivors. He may need to go into Murderbot mode in order to clear some of the foes waiting along his path, but he should be more than capable of mowing them down along the way. The real trick will be racing against that clock, as 18 rounds sounds like a lot when you first start the mission, but will quickly weigh upon you and every decision you have to make along the way.



Game of the Week: Kingdoms of the Deep on sale for just $7!

While the battle for the five kingdoms rages above the ground, there is also unrest and conflict happening below the surface. In Kingdoms of the Deep, you control six underwater factions and vie to control the most underwater territories, while gaining the most influence to call yourself ruler of the Underwater Realms.

Select your actions and gain extra bonuses if no one else chose the same. Vie for dominance in the underwater region in order to gain points. With 6 different factions to choose from, you have something that should interest everyone to play. The rules are fairly easy to learn, and the six actions should provide some interesting decisions along the way - especially when trying to consider the timing of which action to use based upon what your opponents are working toward. After all, you get a little more oomph for your own action if you happen to be the only person selecting a specific action.

Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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