New Games for April 26th, 2024 - Limited Space Engines deliver the Feral Fantasy Dinner

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • The Dinner
  • Fantasy Map Maker
  • Feral State: Campaign Trilogy
  • The Royal Limited: Conductors & Vips
  • The Royal Limited: Vintage Engines
  • Dangerous Space: Arthur, Commandeer Mission


The Dinner

We don’t know what flavours or memories the dinner will bring back. Nor do we know what you’ll have or how you got there. But what we do know is that you have a lot to tell us, a lot to talk about, and that your ties with the other diners are stronger than you would have us believe.

This little game has a simple set of components with just 40 cards, and from there you can use this alongside your imagination to craft a strong sense of storytelling. There are no winners, no losers, and no wrong ways to play. Use the guided set of questions, along with your peers, to each craft the narrative sharing how your particular diner met their demise. Get as clever and creative as you’d like, and revel in flexing both your imaginative muscles, but also in witnessing your friends or family doing the same. If you love sitting around a table swapping stories, this is definitely a game experience you won’t want to miss out upon.


Fantasy Map Maker

Rugged mountains and coastlines carve their way through the landscape. Lakes and waterways swell, nourishing the surrounding forests. Towns and cities appear and expand amongst landmarks, new and ancient. You place your quill back in the inkwell. The wheel is complete. A place that had lain dormant in your mind has finally revealed itself…

A roll-and-draw game that will allow you to create unique maps over the course of the gameplay, this offers both a game as well as a general tool you could use to flesh out the landscape of a role-playing world you might be exploring. With simple mechanics, allowing you to add all sorts of small and large features to your map, this game also provides objectives to complete and events to mix in for extra replay value along with a level of unpredictability on how things will unfold for your map. While not required, this feels like the sort of game that just begs to pull out the colored pencils for use while playing it.


Feral State

Defeat zombies on your way to the end of the area. Collect useful items, pick the right weapons for each enemy, master your tactical skills. Watch out! Some enemies are really fast and allow you only one shot until they begin biting you! Prepare the medkits!

Take down the zombie threat before it takes you down. With four weapons to choose from, as well as three difficulty modes, there is a ton of replay packed into a short little package, and there’s so much more to explore in here with a campaign, three seasons of scenarios each containing three encounters to play, the ability to make your own custom levels, and so much more. Rolling the die gives you two options on where to target, and you’ll always know just how much health the zombie has and when it’ll get to retaliate. Each of them has health for their head, torso, and legs - and only one needs to be depleted to win. Do you have what it takes to survive?


The Royal Limited: Conductors & Vips

Working on The Royal Limited is almost as much of an honor as riding on it. Correspondingly, each voyage draws a host of fresh-faced conductors as well as new celebrities.

The Conductors & VIPs expansion builds on the core gameplay with 3 new double-sided Conductor cards as well as 3 new VIPs. The Conductors can have special rules, change the number of cards drawn each round, or even increase the number of rounds played. The VIPs, meanwhile, work similarly to those in the standard game. However, 2 of them have multicolored tickets with numbers, constraining their placement.


The Royal Limited: Vintage Engines

A unique feature of The Royal Limited is its use of vintage engines. These timeless locomotives, although beautiful, require a few special considerations to keep in operation.

A fairly easy expansion to integrate into your game experience, this adds 5 engines with unique scoring conditions that, if unmet, will add points to your score at the end of the game. These engines cannot hold passengers or VIPs, and will task you to do things such as making sure certain values are not adjacent to other values, have sequential numbers, a certain number of cars of a specific color, and more. If you enjoy adding small, subtle twists to your gameplay experience then you’ll want to add these vintage engines into your Royal Limited collection.


Dangerous Space: Arthur, Commandeer Mission

Arthur would prefer his fellow divers measure him by his record and prowess, instead of his lineage as heir to the moon Khiro. 

A new character enters the fray with a familiar mission, but a new layout to explore and new enemies to battle against. His skills to unlock seem to be pretty powerful, with one letting you increase a die by 1 when marking a Dangerous Space, and the other letting you fill in a Hit Point on a threat as you enter a room. Both of those offer some strong benefits to how you want to use Arthur, who also boasts a lot of improvements along his Gear path for Movement and Shooting. Certainly it seems his prowess is not something to underestimate as you delve into his series of missions.


Game of the Week: The Royal Limited on sale for just $2!

You operate the most well-known luxury train on the continent. To win, you must outfit your train with the right cars, call on the best passengers, and - most of all - leave on time!

A delightful little solo game where you are trying to build out your train car and fill the cars with passengers. All of this has to be done within a limited number of rounds, and the cards you didn’t get to use by the end count as points against you in a game where a lower score is desired. If you enjoy a nice puzzle, including when to trigger events on the trains (which happens when a passenger is added), then you won’t want to miss out on this little title from the acclaimed Scott Almes.

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