New Games for May 3rd, 2024 - Retrieve Gloria from the Space Rally Empire

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Space Alone
  • Rally J
  • Establishing Empires
  • Dangerous Space: Arthur Retrieve Mission


Space Alone

Survive on a foreign planet.

Explore the planet, gather resources, develop technology, manage your spaceship, and so much more in this little game. With a small pool of dice, you’ll find branching paths of options spreading before you about what you want to accomplish and in what order as you attempt to maximize your effectiveness across the track of time. Monitor things like oxygen and energy, upgrade your suit to allow you to carry more of those, and unlock rooms of the ship to amplify the options available to you each and every turn. If you enjoy games with a lot of paths to pursue, this is one you won’t want to miss out on.

Rally J

You and your car, Ghost, have to compete in this year's rally race! Experience the simulated excitement of racing by maneuvering through tricky track, weighing risk and strategy between each heart-stopping turn. Do dice really do this? One can only hope! Good luck!

A quick and simple racing game of sorts, as you are trying to outlast the deck. Your speed determines how many cards to draw each round and how many dice get rolled, and you’re hoping the dice roll is higher than the sum of the cards drawn. If so, your speed increases and you go on. If not, you spend fuel and/or health to make up the difference to accomplish the needed number. Get through the deck and you win. Run out of resources to spend, and your rally comes to an end.


Establishing Empires

You are one of up to 4 benevolent nobles looking to expand and develop your land in hopes of establishing a functional and fearsome empire. You will collect resources and exploit the land; you will build buildings and develop your civilization through military, grace, population, and science tracks; you will explore ancient ruins, fight off troublesome invaders, and set up trade routes.

An exciting roll-and-write style of game where you’ll be drafting dice, using them to trigger powers on your buildings to gain resources or interact with the map. There’s a lot of layers of consideration to go in here, including the knowledge that some buildings require a specific number in order to trigger them, so do you use that number for the hard-to-activate item you don’t need, or use it for the action you do need at the moment. With ways of getting extra actions, saving dice, and objects to interact with on the map there is a lot of decision space in this one.


Dangerous Space: Arthur Retrieve Mission

Arthur would prefer his fellow divers measure him by his record and prowess, instead of his lineage as heir to the moon Khiro.

Arthur encounters a new challenge this week with the Retrieve mission. While he has the tools he needs to tackle the plethora of enemies scattered along his path, and has some upgrades you can drop into his movement skill, you might still find this one to be a delightful challenge. His route is not an easy one, and he doesn’t have a lot of dice mitigation apart from increasing a die by 1 when marking a Dangerous Space each round. So getting identical numbers might be a bit of a trial, but he should be more than up to the challenge when you undertake this mission.


Games of the Week: Dungeon Pages: Gloria, Night Warrior in The Coils Free

The Elders heard whispers of Gloria’s masked exploits as an avatar of justice within her community. Tales of righting wrongs. Though she was older than most students, they saw in her the type of metal that could be forged into a tempered weapon.

Explore the inner corruption within The Coils, a new location that is going to inspire your greed as much as it does the dastardly residents. The Magistrate gains a boost to every damage for each unmarked coin in the dungeon, while the Corrupt Guards boost their die for each damaged but undefeated Guard you faced. Thankfully Gloria has a few tricks of her own up her sleeve, including a handy Moon Medallion which gives you boosts for completing columns. You’ll probably need all the help you can get in this week’s installment (because I know that I’ll need it!)


Dungeon Pages Core Set On sale for just $3!

Greetings young page, welcome to your first quest. We are thrilled to have someone of your prowess joining the Elder ranks. The Light knows, we need all the help we can get against these creatures of darkness.

Explore a series of dungeons using the numerical values from dice rolls as you progress to gather treasure, defeat monsters, disarm traps, and gain experience. Complete enough dungeons and you’ll get to face down the boss dungeon. If you like thinky, tactical decisions on how to best utilize dice rolls, you won’t want to pass up the chance to explore through Dungeon Pages. This little game is bound to offer plenty of replay value, as you can not only choose how much of each dungeon to explore but also how to manage what the dice are giving you and whether it is better to try for the extra XP boost or to delve deeper within a single dungeon for more rewards.


Dungeon Pages Year-Long Adventure On sale for just $15!

If Dungeon Pages sounds like a great deal, then you won’t want to overlook this bundle of annual pleasure. Every Friday a new hero and dungeon combo will be sent your way if you pick this up, giving you a total of 52 adventures to explore in 2023. It’s like having Christmas every week to celebrate the arrival of the weekend, and with the ability to mix-and-match heroes with dungeons, by the end of the year you’ll have an incredible number of combinations to explore for many, many years to come.

Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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