New games for May 14, 2021 - Dungeoneers in Adder Space

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

        • Adder: Realtime Chase System
        • Dungeoneers
        • Loss in Space (now with solo)

        This week's new games are all available at


        The Vurdes Aerial Combat Institute has emerged as the premier pilot training facility in the galaxy. You’ve passed written tests and aced interviews, but one final hurdle lies in your path to admission: Adder. Can you best your rivals in this game designed to test your wits and reflexes?

        Real time games exist in an unique realm with board games. This one will remind you a bit of Snake, except there are no apples to eat in order to grow longer. What you are trying to do is cover the front or the back of the opponents’ snake, moving your back-most card to the front time and again until you win or you lose. The target is determined by a coin flip, and if you land on the coin or collide into the wrong part of a snake, you lose. This is sure to be a chaotic sort of fun that comes with very few cards and only a single coin as a component (well, apart from the table…)


        This game strives to create an involving, detailed dungeon crawling experience. You will lead a party of heroes with different skills and weaknesses through random dungeons, fighting monsters and finding treasures on the way to the objective. Maybe your party will become strong enough to aid High King Logan III in his wish to reclaim that which was lost. For each quest, your heroes will gather experience and become stronger, faster and better. However, the enemies you will face will become progressively more dangerous. Furthermore, the constant dangers will take its toll on the mind of the heroes and if you do not take care of them, they will become less efficient or even behave unexpectedly.

        If you want an involved game with incredible layers of bookkeeping to track, this one will be sure to delight. Rather than your standard run-of-the-mill dungeon crawl experience, this one actually requires you to do more than pay attention to the hit points of your party members. You also have the flexibility to do the bare minimum, drawing your maps and tracking progress with pen and paper, or to go all out and make tiles for your terrain, add 3-D objects or stand-ins for them, and use miniatures from the games of your choice to represent your heroes and the monsters you’ll encounter. And, again, you’ll be tracking morale and sanity for your party - which can add some delightful and unexpected twists into your game experience.

        Loss in Space update, now with Solo!

        The solar system is dying. The twin suns are imploding and the resulting vacuum is sucking all planets towards them which will eradicate all life. There are 4 inhabited planets in our solar system, all at odds with one another. Thankfully you found a habitable planet 14 parsecs away that will allow your race to thrive once more. Unfortunately, the rest of the planets in the solar system have discovered this new home world as well. This new world will only allow one race to live there in peace. It’s your duty with your intrepid crew to bring several hundred pioneers, frozen in stasis, to this new home to restart your civilization. It’s the ultimate race with only one surviving species.

        If you like your Sci-Fi fix a little tongue-in-cheek, then get ready to navigate through Words in Space while bonding extra parts to your ship with Duct Tape or with Chewing Gum and Hope. That’s right, in this race to arrive at a planet, you’ll share some sly and knowing smiles with your friends when certain cards are played or encountered. Speaking of which, as you fly you’ll run into obstacles that need to be overcome, or you risk losing some of your crew. No crew left? Well, that ship isn’t going to fly itself. It gets awful lonely in the big black of space, and for those without friends there’s also now a solo mode to make this hit your table even more often!


        Check out all of the new games here:


        Game of the Week: Wild Cats on sale for just $1

        The players are cats heading back from an arrest. There’s a Good Cat, Bad Cat, and Wildcat in the car. When a scuffle ensues, someone is getting thrown out. The Good Cat wants the Bad Cat out, because he’s an annoying partner. The Bad Cat wants the Good Cat out because he wants all of the credit for the arrest. The Wildcat just wants to escape.

        Deduction lovers rejoice at this quick and simple card game. Playable at three with the base game, although it can add more with the expansion, you are trying to deduce who is which cat and vote for which cat to remove based upon your unique victory conditions. Whoever gets the most votes is kicked out, and in a tie the Wildcat is kicked out. The game is sure to get some merriment going, and is quick enough to use even while waiting on a dinner or a coffee at the coffee shop.

        Check out Game of the Week here:

        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!


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