New Games for Nov 19, 2021 - The Forgotten Stronghold Ops of Destiny

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

First up another Black Friday sneak peek!

And onto this week:

Here’s what is new this week:

        • Realm of Shadows: The Forgotten Road - Kickstarter Preview 
        • Realm of Shadows: The Hand of Destiny - Kickstarter Preview 
        • Realm of Shadows: The Last Stronghold - Kickstarter Preview 

        Realm of Shadows: The Hand of Destiny

        The rest of your adventuring party has gotten lost (or worse) and you find yourself alone in the wilderness preparing for the fight of your life. As waves of monsters close in on you, you think of the great heroes of ages past who made a similar stand—sometimes for good, sometimes for ill, but always for honor. Perhaps your story will be added to the legends. Perhaps, if you are so favored, Destiny’s hand will be upon you tonight.

        Palm Island meet lines of enemies to do battle with in the Realm of Shadows: The Hand of Destiny. Take down monsters one at a time, using strength cards and/or abilities to deal with the threat. Fight your way through the gauntlet, including the boss, four times in order to be successful. However, each damage taken or each ability used brings you one step closer to defeat. Boss battles, in particular, are very interesting because the order in which you spend cards can make a huge difference in how the boss interacts with you.


        Realm of Shadows: The Forgotten Road

        One of the heroes in your party has been taken captive in a dungeon far beyond the edge of the wild. Now, you'll have to travel down The Forgotten Road and traverse dangerous and unforgiving territory to get them back.

        Journey along the road to rescue a party member, using the remaining three to do battle with monsters and overcome challenges as you progress. Balancing the way to use your action cards - needed to pass those skill checks, defeat monsters, and to move afterwards - is what presents the brilliant puzzle for this game. You’ll know what you need, and the consequences of failure in each case, so it’ll be up to you on how to maximize your hand each turn while making some semblance of forward progress toward the boss.

        Realm of Shadows: The Last Stronghold

        The Last Stronghold is a cooperative game for 1-2 heroes who will attempt to push back the forces of evil threatening the last stronghold of the South, the city of Lux. Survive the waves of enemies ravaging the lands around the city and defeat the boss to save the day. 

        For those who enjoy cooperative experiences and fending off waves of enemies in dire circumstances, this one will really resonate with you. The objective is simple: defeat the boss before Lux falls. Accomplishing that is far more difficult than it sounds, though. However, your heroes have special abilities to use, which then will flip them to a damaged side to reveal yet another ability. Use that, and they are exhausted...a state that will cause you to lose if all heroes reach that status. However, there will be times when you’ll need to do it, or else trust all to the luck of rolling the dice.

        Pick up all the new games here:



        Game of the Week: Pocket Ops

        In Pocket Ops, you and your opponent are spymasters sending competing teams of agents to steal a doomsday device and its power crystal from the villain’s facility where it is being built!

        There’s not much new to learn here, friends. This is tic-tac-toe, but far more interesting. You have that 3x3 grid, and each round you get to predict where your opponent will place. If you are correct, they don’t get to place their piece. Each piece is also a different specialist, complete with a special ability to trigger if they are successfully placed. If you think you’ve seen everything this classic game has to offer, then you owe it to yourself to try Pocket Ops and experience how it changes everything you think you know.


        Check out Game of the Week here:

        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!




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