Black Friday 2021 - Over 150 games on sale!

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday AND Black Friday!

Welcome to our 2021 Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale! This is also the three year anniversary of PNP Arcade, so we have lots to celebrate. Below are many of our games at reduced prices for this long holiday anniversary weekend only!

For the entire sale collection, visit

 All Weekend Long (Black Friday through Cyber Monday)  
  • Over 150 games at reduced prices! Many just $1 for this weekend.
  • We have a handful of new games, including the PNPArcade exclusive new game Mindburners: Into the Void plus Pilfering Pandas and new Button Shy game, ROVE.

Black Friday Only

  • For every $1 you spend, you will be entered into our giveaway for $50 in PNPArcade Credit. One winner will be chosen and revealed on Tuesday.
  • If you spend $1 or more, you will receive a free print and play Arcade Dice Tower for the great dice game, Doom Machine! (You must add it to your cart to get it, but you won't be charged for it on Friday.)

Cyber Monday Only

  • For every $1 you spend, you will be entered into our giveaway for $50 in PNPArcade Credit. One winner will be chosen and revealed on Tuesday.
  • If you spend $1 or more, you will receive a free print and play Arcade Dice Tower for our new Button Shy dice game, The Final Light-Year. You must add it to your cart to get it, but you won't be charged for it on Monday.)


And we have LOTS of new games this week:

Here’s what is new this week:

        • Mindburners: Into The Void (Only available at PNP Arcade)
        • Grey Bones
        • Mad Mouse
        • Pilfering Pandas
        • ROVE
        • ROVE: Fascinating Flora
        • Sensor Ghosts


        Mindburners: Into the Void


        Mindburners: Into the Void is a strategic cyber-occult card drafting and arrangement game for 1-2 players. Loaded up with experimental gear and thrust into the swirling chaos beyond against your will, you must equip and optimize your limited void-tech and outperform your adversary. In Mindburners: Into the Void, players are disposable test clones owned by Null Corporation, purveyors of the dark waste's finest void-tech. In the company's annual culling rites, a pair of clones are given the opportunity to earn their freedom by testing Null Corporation's most dangerous experimental technology.


        Forget running in the Net, you want to run in the Void. In this competitive game there’s a deck of cards that both players will need to overcome, and there are things you can do to help your player prepare for it. Survive better than your opponent and you’ll score more points, allowing you to achieve victory first. Yet every choice has some degree of risk tied to it, and the more you risk the harder you might fall. A fun, fast press-your-luck game of head-to-head competition that also comes with a really interesting solo mode to play.


        Sensor Ghosts


        Sensor Ghosts is a quick, light and challenging cooperative puzzle game for 1-4 players. You have escaped the virus ridden space station and the clutches of the computer in Assembly, but now you must navigate you ship through an asteroid field to safely reach Earth. However, the computer has hacked your sensors meaning not everything is as it seems. Sensor Ghosts is the thematic sequel to Assembly but a completely standalone game. Using your good judgement and careful planning, will you outwit the computer and traverse the asteroid field or will you die trying?


        This is the brand new game, set after the events of Assembly. One thing I loved about Assembly was the backstory it had and the thematic touches they delicately insert into the game. That same care is present here, with a nice little narrative as to how it fits into the Assemblyverse of things from Wren Games. In this one, you are scanning tiles and moving your ship along the path to try and reach your destination. However, things can and will change on you in unexpected ways as you navigate the trickery of space. The thing I like most about this game, just like Assembly, is that it is a quick-playing game that exercises my brain in challenging ways while providing a clear win/loss condition to meet.


        Pilfering Pandas


        You’re a busy group of pandas planning your escape from the zoo but you’ll need help. You have been rummaging and pilfering food from all the other animals but the Zoo Keeper is onto you so you must be fast. You must quickly trade all the food you have pilfered with the nefarious Meerkats who have promised to help one panda to escape.

        A clever little game, which should come at no surprise to anyone who loved Assembly, a previous game from this designing duo. This one has you collecting sets of cards to trade to the Meercats in order to be the one who wins. There’s a way to take a lot of cards in one move, but it comes with the Timer which means you can’t do that again for up to 3 rounds. There’s also rules to play multiple sessions to see who wins the game. It is fast, fun, and is sure to be a hit at most gaming tables.

        Mad Mouse


        You will never forgive the rats for what they did to you. But they will pay for it. With your blood that boils, you will sneak inside their dirty hiding place to seek revenge.


        Not quite a roll-and-write, but a similar premise in tracking along one of nine paths, each leading to a card that is randomly paired with that number on the path. You need to defeat all of the baddies to win, and losing a battle or backtracking will cost you. Run out of health and you lose, but if you knock off every baddie you win the game. There are some skills you have that cost you in cheese points, but will provide ways to manipulate dice and deal damage even when the dice don’t go your way. Sure to be a fun and fast solo experience, this is one you don’t want to overlook.


        Grey Bones


        Are you ready to set fire to the powders? Navigate the cylinder map and sink your enemies with cannon fire. Upgrade and upgrade your ship or else you will sink.


        Sail across the seas and explore islands to win this one - or else defeat all of the enemies. This game is part exploration and part naval combat, and that last part is really fascinating because your position in relation to the enemy ship makes a difference in how you approach things. You also get to allocate points to aspects of your ship to begin the game, so you can certainly give yourself a really powerful cannon on one side - but that leaves other areas a little weaker as a whole. Sure to be another fast and fun romp of a solo game, this one will have you singing shanties in no time.




        As a ROVE (Results-Oriented Versatile Explorer) you’re used to surveying the fringes of space, but now you’ve crash-landed on an unfamiliar planet. You’ll need to reconfigure your reusable modules to get to safety.


        Brought to you by the designer of Skulls of Sedlec (a great little game), this one is sure to provide even more spatial puzzle delight. In it you are trying to fulfill seven missions to win, and to do that you play movement cards to shift the modules around on the board and trying to get them into the correct pattern to complete the current mission. That sounds easy, but it is far more challenging than you’d think since there are different ways to move, based on the card played. Plus there’s a way to get extra movement if you match the pattern shown when playing the card - encouraging you to plan ahead and try to line things up for a spectacular move. Add in some one-time abilities on each module and you’ve got a recipe for fun.


        Rove: Fascinating Flora Expansion


        In addition to its movement capabilities, a ROVE unit’s Multiversatool turns it into a rolling laboratory that’s perfect for studying xenobotany. Learn more about the fascinating flora you encounter and use that information to make the most of your modules. Just keep one sensor active at all times: you never know when an alien creature might stop by for a quick and crunchy snack.


        A small expansion that packs two big punches to change up your ROVE experience. First, you get new mission cards that, if completed, will allow you to flip a used Module to its fresh side, allowing you to tap back into that one-time ability for bigger impacts. However, this also comes with an Endurance Mode option of play, encouraging you to see if you can get up to 12 missions completed in order to be a Rove Machine and earn bragging rights with all your Rove friends.

        Pick up all the new games here:

        And come back on Monday when we launch The Final Light-year and two expansions!

        The Final Light-Year


        Gather your crew and gear and launch into a fringe section of space where the law teeters over the edge and a good captain can earn a living. There's no shortage of threats that endanger the goodfolk of deep space, but luckily your torpedo bay is full and lasers are hot.


        The objective is simple here: defeat the three enemies. However, you need to manage things well and get creative to overcome obstacles as they are hurled your way. Depending on where you are on the track, you will either either battle or resupply. Combat is simple, as it continues until either you lose or the enemy is defeated. The neat thing here is that your command options in battle are based on where the cube is located on a track, so each round it is likely to change what you can do. Resupplying can allow you to gain parts, crew, cargo, and more to give you an advantage going into the stronger battles ahead.


        The Final Light-Year: Beta Sector Expansion


        The Gorge was a peaceful ship from an ancient alien race, but after its creators were annihilated, the ship re-programmed itself to ‘clean up’ the galaxy. Now it scours the sector sucking anything it can into its tractor maw, and converting the unlucky into fuel.


        This mini-expansion provides a new map, complete with a wormhole for travel across the map with greater speed - something to utilize (or complain about) in your battles on this map. The new Overlord trips up your attempts at movement and can suck you in closer for devastating effect. It also brings a new Minion/Commander card and an upgrade card for your options, letting you make your ship gain new options for command.


        The Final Light-Year: Cratos Sector Expansion


        When the Sectorate Council wants a war, but not the mess, they pay the Wolven Empire to fight their battles. The locals are sick of being pushed around and have asked for your help teaching these brutes a lesson.


        Another new map appears, this one with a Star Cradle to provide healing and a few Heat Burst spaces that cause damage to your ship. Movement in battle is suddenly a lot more devastating. This Overlord is loaded with a boost to damage on ships that are farther away and can move ships away from it and stop them from moving for the next turn. Yep, it can be really devastating. It comes with a Minion and Commander to take down, as well as a new event to complete for reward.


        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!




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