New Games for Dec 3, 2021 - Unsurmountable Tales of the Dungeon

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

But first, thank you all for joining us over the Black Friday weekend!

Here’s what is new this week:

        • Tales of Battle
        • Unsurmountable
        • Unsurmountable: Big Climb 
        • Unsurmountable: Dual Peaks

        Tales of Battle

        Tales of Battle is a game of luck and strategy between two kingdoms. May the victor stand victorious.

        Align your troop dice in formation and pray the weather blows in your favor as you face down fierce enemies on the other side of the battlefield. With different unit types, each containing specific movement patterns and units they can defeat, half of the battle is outmaneuvering your opponent. Their dragon might be able to wreck havoc if unchecked, but a pair of warriors together can slay the beast. Shields can protect units, but are very limited in their movement so those units will have trouble fighting back without getting exposed. With minimal rules to learn, you can dive right in and get fighting.



        Because it’s there! Seems a good enough reason to climb the mountain, but are you ready for the challenge? In this game, you must puzzle your way up a mountain in order to get to the highest peak! Plan your route, choose your actions wisely, and use the limited resources you have to get to the top of the mountain!

        If you like solo games that offer a puzzly challenge, then take on the task of Unsurmountable. Yes, you’ll be trying to make a mountain with the cards, complete with a path from the bottom to the top of the mountain. Each turn you’ll take the next card in your line of five and either add it to the mountain or use it for its ability. With multiple modes to increase your challenge, there is plenty of replay value to fit with alongside your ability to succeed. Can you brave the challenges presented by this game to overcome the flow of the cards to build a successful mountain path?


        Unsurmountable: Dual Peaks

        With aching muscles, you finally reach the top...or so you thought. Turns out this summit has a twin. That’s twice as much mountain to conquer. Perhaps that’s what those Mysterious Statues were warning you about. Make sure you’ve got another route planned to cover both peaks or you’ll find yourself stuck.

        If you can’t fathom the impact two lonesome cards can have on a game, then you haven’t been playing enough micro games from Button Shy and other excellent publishers. There are only a pair of cards in here, and they add new features, but the real kicker is the new objective you are tasked with: building your mountain with TWO peaks. Not only that, but they cannot share any connections for the paths up to them, adding brain burning layers that are sure to make you question life decisions such as why you need to be adding expansions into the games you enjoy.


        Unsurmountable: Big Climb

        It’s time to tackle the toughest summit you’ve ever faced. On this epic ascent, keep your eyes peeled for beautiful prayer flags and looming pillars of ice. This mountain is as beautiful as it is dangerous. Don’t let it win.

        Triple the cards from the previous expansion, but with good reason because it presents you with a big task: making a larger mountain. Instead of 4-3-2-1 as a size, you go 5-4-3-2-1 for your construction which means your decisions can be even more challenging with the placement of the path. Still not enough? You can combine this with the other expansion to make the mega experience of a larger mountain, two peaks, and unique paths for them both. Forget Everest, this is the mountain you’ll be trying to climb in your lifetime.

        Pick up all the new games here:



        Game of the Week: Paper Dungeons

        A plague has swept the land, caused by the sorcery of the evil Dungeonmasters. They have hidden their dark magic in Plaguestones, and built epic dungeons to protect these cursed totems. Brave Heroes must search the dungeons and destroy the Plaguestones to bring an end to this all consuming virus.

        A game fully playable by two players via phone call/Skype/Zoom etc. with one controlling the evil forces and the other controlling the heroes for the game. The catch? Only the evil side knows where all of the units, tunnels, and Plaguestones are. With each movement, the players ask what they can see and are told what is in adjacent “open” spaces. Ambushed by orcs? Well, that can easily happen. Each character has special powers and varied stats, making them all useful in varied circumstances. If you long to play something unique with a friend, this might be the game for you to try.

        Check out Game of the Week here:

        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!




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