New Games for November 17th, 2023 - Brave Beetle in the Laboratory Food

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Next Friday is Black Friday and the annual PNP Arcade anniversary sale. Expect hundreds of games to be on sale and a big new week of releases. This is always our biggest sale of the year, so don't miss out. 


Our second PNP Arcade Publishing game is coming very soon. The successor to Dungeon Pages is coming to Kickstarter on Black Friday. Dangerous Space is a pnp-only, solo tactical, roll & write game of starship spelunking.

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Beetle Get!

  • Explosion in the Laboratory

  • Dungeon Pages: Croia, Brave Shield Guard in Footdown

Beetle Get!

A flip-and-score game where you try to find and collect as many wondrous beetles as possible. Plasters play pattern cards to dig up the dirt hiding these beautiful beasts of the soil. Pay attention though! Beetles move and aren’t always where you expect them to be.

A fun little game that is part memory, part timing on which beetles to score and when, as cards get flipped after scoring and beetles will shift around every turn. This is a fast-playing game where you’re trying to collect sets of beetles before the deck runs out, and doing it better than your opponent. This requires little table space to play, making it a perfect travel game to toss into a bag or some other portable container that you take with you as you venture out. 


Explosion in the Laboratory

You are all chemists mixing compounds in an experimental laboratory. Caution! Being careless could cause disaster. A fire would be unfortunate, as there is a library not too far away…

A light little press-your-luck game of mixing colored chemicals in order to earn points before the game comes to an end. There’s a lot of small decisions to be had, as you can gain up to 6 ingredients on a turn but one wrong grab can end things without gaining you points. Like any great press-your-luck game, there’s still some compensation to be had for those who have their beakers go BOOM on a round, and those can be really helpful as you move forward and try to defeat your opponent…or the solo bot. If you like small and fast games with a bit of chance involved, you won’t want to miss this one.


Dungeon Pages: Croia, Brave Shield Guard in Footdown

Sure she’s not ‘officially’ a knight yet, but that doesn’t mean she can’t practice, right? And if that practice takes place near - ok, IN - a dark, foreboding cavern, Croia can’t be held responsible for stumbling into a nest of goblins…again - right?

You’ll never look at hide and seek the same after playing as Croia. Her ability is rocking, letting you avoid damage by sacrificing a 1…and lets you reroll your good dice if desired. Factor in her Wind-Up Golem relic, and you have a way of bringing good dice back into your pool for use that could, theoretically, be rerolled after hide-and-seeking your way along. And you may need it, as she is going to face some fearsome foes in her Dungeon adventure, including a tricky boss which may - or may not - be an illusion when you strike it.


Game of the Week: A La Food Cart on sale for just $2!

Grab your aprons and sharpen your knives because the Food Cart Festival is in full swing! Sourcing the freshest ingredients and using innovative cooking techniques is how you stand out from the pack. Show everyone that you’ve got the chops to be the best roving restaurant on the block. You know what they say: if you can’t stand the heat…

A worker placement game using cards with a food-related theme? Where does the buffet line begin? Each round you’re gathering ingredients with your workers to slide your bonus card up or to the side in order to creep it across and cover your scoring card in its entirety. Sounds simple enough, right? But there’s plenty of meat in this game, packed full of meaningful decisions as you balance things to serve up defeat to your opponent. While revenge is a dish best served cold, this game brings the heat onto your game table.


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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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