New Games for November 10th, 2023 - Harsh Coffee Whispers "Fanny Shadows"

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Quests Over Coffee: Journeys V2

  • Iron Helm: Fanny Pack Expansion

  • Dungeon Pages: Valensi, Doom Whisper in The Walking Castle

Quests Over Coffee: Journeys V2

Quests Over Coffee: Journeys is a fast, easy to pick up, solo adventure card game where you explore in depth a quest from the Quests Over Coffee quest board. Each journey spans multiple cards, where the choices you make can lead you to one of multiple outcomes. Pick your favorite character, your favorite brew, and go on an adventure today!

If you want to feel like you’re following along a journey in your morning solo gaming, then you want to check out the new, updated version of Quests Over Coffee: Journeys. Each card will lead you to a different card based on success or failure, and both the game itself and combat are relatively straightforward to understand and start playing. With the artwork you likely already know and love, and some dice chucking, you probably will find that you can’t function in the mornings without your Quests or your Coffee.If you already own the previous version, you’ll still gain something here with two new adventures to explore: “I Want to Be the Very Best” and “Down By the Docks”.


Iron Helm: Fanny Pack Expansion

The fanny Pack is a booster packs meant to enhance the base game of Iron Helm. You will need a copy of the base game of Iron Helm to enjoy this pack. The Fanny Pack adds new Characters, Trappings, Loot, Enemies, Plots, and more to the base game.

What a fun little expansion, adding in cards that are predominantly fan-inspired into your Iron Helm game. Whether you want to grab one of the two new heroes, mix in some new loot like the Undeath Potion, face down new enemies like the Morlock, equip items like the Magic Acorn, or even encounter a Looking Glass or the Goblin King…these 18 cards will add all sorts of excellent variety into your Iron Helm experience. You won’t want to miss out on this one, lest Nanoc the Barbarian comes calling to see why you’ve forsaken his adventure…


Dungeon Pages: Valensi, Doom Whisper in The Walking Castle

As a child Valensi could predict when bad things would happen. Cast out of her home for these portents, the young girl was homeless until the Elders took her in. Some wonder if that was a terrible mistake.

I’ve always been a fan of Valensi’s special ability, which lets you boost a die you mark based on how many levels you’ve completed. And you’re going to need it, as the boss in here is going to plunder your items or force you to take damage. That’s downright rude, and could be quite crippling in the wrong set of circumstances, but then you also have the Stunning Bats to deal with. What do they do, you ask? Well they reduce your range if you roll doubles on the good dice, which means you might have to get uncomfortably close to deal with threats as you venture through the unique Walking Castle location.


Game of the Week: Harsh Shadows on sale for just $3!

When you saw the code words Project Nightshade come across your desk, you insisted on the assignment… You were instantly reminded of the shadow operative who had slipped through the fingers of some of The Rigel Group’s best agents. Now it’s your chance to catch this criminal before it’s too late. As a master agent of the elite global task force, The Rigel Group, you expertly hunt down cunning spies and deadly double agents. You’ll need to use your wits, local intel and tools of the trade to lure the spy into your trap. Just be sure you’re the predator, and not the prey! This isn’t just any spy; one false move could end your mission… permanently

Gather clues, chase the spy, and land an accusation that sticks to win. A fun little solo game where you move around a grid of cards, gather clue cards to spend on evidence, try to ditch the red herring, and make your way to the spy’s location in order to accuse them. Have the right evidence and no red herring? You win! Have the wrong evidence, including that red herring, and you lose. If you ever wanted to play Clue solo, or just like spy movies in general, this is definitely a game you won’t want to miss checking out!

Check out Games of the Week here:


Our second PNP Arcade Publishing game is coming very soon. The successor to Dungeon Pages is coming to Kickstarter on Black Friday. Dangerous Space is a pnp-only, solo tactical, roll & write game of starship spelunking.

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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