New Games for October 14th, 2022 - Candy Monster Hysteria in the Ghost Necropolis

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Hysteria
  • Four Against Darkness: Map Deck 1: Necropolis
  • Four Against Darkness; Monster Deck 4
  • Ghosts Love Candy Too Roll and Fright


On Dia De Los Muertos, a child named Luna followed her dog Kiko through a portal into the underworld. Some inhabitants saw her hid… there? No wait… THERE! They gathered; looking left and right, peeking under here and there trying to capture her before the third day - trapping Luna forever!

A fascinating game of social deduction, where your alliances may shift (expectedly and unexpectedly) based upon the cards face-down in front of you. Across three rounds, the players need to capture 3 Luna cards in order to win. Once a card is up for capture, the table gets to vote and if it passes, a token is placed on the card which remains until the end of the game. If you have at least one Luna card, you are currently on team Luna and trying to help her evade capture. However, if she does get captured but none of your Luna cards were captured, you get to share in the victory with the skeletons. Sound fun? It ought to be for those that enjoy these social deduction experiences.


Four Against Darkness: Map Deck 1: Necropolis

Map Deck 1 is a themed deck of dungeon-buiilding, tarot-sized cards for Four Against Darkness.

For those, like me, who have fully embraced the joy of integrating the cards into their Four Against Darkness experience, this Map Deck is certainly going to catch their attention. The delightful aspect of this is the sense of exploration that comes, and the caveat that an unexplored path could become a lost opportunity as you delve deeper into the dungeon. With icons on the cards that can add extra effects to your rooms, this is going to spice up your 4AD experience in all the right ways.


Four Against Darkness; Monster Deck 4

Monster Deck 4 is a collection of 24 tarot-sized PNP cards, each with a monster for Four Against Darkness. You may use these whenever you would roll on a table to determine which Vermin, Minion, Boss or Weird Monster you encounter. Instead of rolling, draw a card from the appropriate deck, play it and then reshuffle it into the deck. You can combine monster decks together, expanding the variation of encounters with each new set released.

From Skull Maggots and Clockwork Cats to Deathflesh Abominations and Scarecrow Swashbucklers, this deck has all the fun variety you need to expand your arsenal of fighting encounters in Four Against Darkness, Because it can be mixed in with previous sets, there’s no reason to not add these to your game because we all like having change. Even the grindiest of gamers out there would grow weary of killing the same thing for the 836th time in a row, and there’s no need for that exhaustion with the Monster Decks on your shelf!


Ghosts Love Candy Too Roll and Fright

It’s Halloween and the ghosts are out haunting the neighborhood stealing candy from the kids.

Three roll and write games in one package, each centering around different styles of play. These all feature a theme set in the same universe, which is featured in a board game by the same name. Of course, you’re dealing with candy and kids in costumes, and they have some fun variety with powers, traveling the neighborhood, and more. If you like getting value in your purchases, this one has it with these three games that are very unique from each other in approach, allowing you to choose based on which roll-and-write itch you want to scratch.


Game of the Week: Sensor Ghosts

Sensor Ghosts is a quick, light and challenging cooperative puzzle game for 1-4 players. You have escaped the virus-ridden space station and the clutches of the computer in Assembly, but now you must navigate your ship through an asteroid field to safely reach Earth. However, the computer has hacked your sensors meaning not everything is as it seems. Sensor Ghosts is the thematic sequel to Assembly but a completely standalone game. Using your good judgment and careful planning, will you outwit the computer and traverse the asteroid field or will you die trying?

This game is set after the events of Assembly. One thing I loved about Assembly was the backstory it had and the thematic touches they delicately insert into the game. That same care is present here, with a nice little narrative as to how it fits into the Assemblyverse of things from Wren Games. In this one, you are scanning tiles and moving your ship along the path to try and reach your destination. However, things can and will change on you in unexpected ways as you navigate the trickery of space. The thing I like most about this game, just like Assembly, is that it is a quick-playing game that exercises my brain in challenging ways while providing a clear win/loss condition to meet.

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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