New Games for October 21st, 2022 - Korvu Roll: Hero, Not a Peril

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Not a Demon
  • Battlecrest: Korvu Hero Set
  • People, Places & Perils

Not a Demon

You are a guardian spirit, sent to the realm of humans to help them in their mortal experience. Unfortunately, Fate has decided that you would manifest as a frightening shapeshifting creature. Your very existence brings terror to the heart of men. Your actions are seen as abominations, and you are hunted because of your nature. But you have a mission. You embrace your eerie essence, and you use it to aid those feeble mortals, even though you know they are unable to comprehend your ways. They will continue to be scared. They will hunt you down. But they must not drive you away from your purpose. And, maybe, someday, they will be able to see you beyond your ghostly demeanor.

A very unique system designed to play solo or with a handful of friends. But here, you aren’t the humans. Nor are you some generic fantasy race. You’re not delving into dungeons, nor breaking curses on haunted locations. You’re trying to help those humans, but it isn’t as easy as it seems since they are frightened of you, and you cannot interact directly with them. With a variety of spirits to choose, an easy system that encourages storytelling and impending disasters, you’re certain to have fun playing this very remarkable game system.


Battlecrest: Korvu Hero Set

Skullcleaver. The Moving Mountain. Peerless Champion of the Drakundra. Korvu has earned many titles over a lifetime of brutal combat. Though many have tried to topple this living legend, the Sakkan fighter has never been defeated. His up-close fighting style is as direct as his philosophy: the first battle you lose is the last.

If you haven’t tried Battlecrest yet, well, you’re in for a real treat. This week we have a brand new hero to integrate into your experience. Korvu likes to get in real close, making him a threat to be reckoned with. He might take his hits because of this, but he can dish them out with the best of them. This not only comes with everything you need to use this new hero in head-to-head play, but also comes with the card you need to integrate him with the Imperator Solo expansion to give yourself a new opponent to tackle on your own.


People, Places & Perils

Every day, you travel through uncharted lands, crossing paths with curious folks in wondrous locations.

If you like exploring a new approach to roll-and-writes, this one will be the experience for you. With a map to draw along and a sheet of moments to encounter on the journey, you’ll be crafting your adventures as you take each turn. If you wanted to find a blend between the R&W genre and Role Playing adventures, this is bound to be… a delicate destiny. You see, I rolled on the “What do you learn?” table to get the end to that last sentence and it filled me with… curiosity and the music of nature.


Game of the Week: Roll Z

You are driving down the highway at full speed, your hands hurt from squeezing the steering wheel and the cold sweat on your forehead clouds your vision… you must arrive, all your energy is focused on that goal. Suddenly you hear the last sound you want to hear at that moment and a column of black smoke begins to rise from the front of the old Chevy. The impulse takes you a few more meters to a kind of garbage dump or junkyard on the side of the road. There is no option but to stop, the place seems to have been someone else’s refuge. You improvise a small barricade and then take a look around you while your mind scans options at full speed. Repairing the old Chevy is not an impossible task although… all your thinking is stopped by an unmistakable mixture of sounds: wobbly footsteps, grunts and babbles. There are many, now you know why this refuge was abandoned. Fixing the old Chevy just got a lot more complicated…

Apps with games can make or break the experience, and in this one it serves a pretty interesting purpose: a timer (among other things). You’re trying to find the cards needed to repair your car, and hold back the Zombie horde as best you can along the way. Eventually, you will either finish the repairs and get away, or they will break through and defeat you. The rules promise that the app will give you plenty of audio cues about the end drawing near, so I can imagine how it might just get your heart racing as you scramble to roll the dice you need and draw the cards you need in order to make progress. If you like a tense solo game racing against the clock to complete your task, don’t miss this one - plus it includes three mini-expansions to integrate and spice up the game.


Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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