New games for October 9, 2020 - Planet Party Patrol

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

    • 12 Patrols
    • Planet Run
    • Skulls of Sedlec: Halloween Features
    • Surrealist Dinner Party

    This week's new games are all available at

    Surrealist Dinner Party

    You’re hosting a dinner party! You’ve each invited your six favorite Surrealist artists and writers, and you are responsible for keeping your guests happy and sending them home sated. That’s easier said than done, though, because these Surrealists are colorful characters, and each one has a different checklist of things they need out of the evening.

    A dining delight full of writers and artists with varying tastes. Turns are simple, choosing from one of four actions to conduct, and you are trying to collect as many tokens matching a guest’s card as possible - each one banking a point when they get sent home. Sure the please dinner guests and wine & dine folks alike, this game for 2-4 players has ample room for interacting with opponents, a simple set collection mechanic that isn’t going to be as easy to execute as you’d like, and plenty of guest abilities to make the experience unique as you parse through what you can trigger this game.

    Planet Run

    You are Captain Xavier Mertz pilot of the ship Yamato. One day while cruising, your ship was hit by asteroids and you landed on Planet Run. You need to find the resources to fix your ship while trying to survive from dying of hunger.

    An interesting little solo game with counters, a sheet of your spaceship under repair, and plenty of decisions and dice rolling. Your goal is to survive through all of the rounds and have repaired enough of the ship to roll enough dice to hit the maximum target number for an ultimate victory. With only a single sheet to print, plus one for the rules, there’s very little crafting or cost involved in this one, getting you from the printing and into the playing as soon as possible. It looks to be a fun game of survival, and if you enjoy the test of endurance this is one you probably won’t want to miss.

    12 Patrols

    You are the Constable of the kingdom. Send out 12 patrols of knights and footmen to protect all 9 regions.

    What an interesting and unique solo game. I’ve been a fan of Scott’s solo games (Pocket Landship, Count of Nine) in the past, and this looks like an interesting little puzzle. No scores here, making it the right kind of puzzle. You have 9 dice and 9 cubes, 3 in each of 3 different colors for both. You use 9 of the cards, revealing 3 at any given time as you build a 3x3 grid of cards with dice and/or cubes between them to satisfy the patrol needs on the sides of the cards. This one might just be hitting my table this weekend, since it’ll be a really busy weekend so I’ll need a short and easy-to-craft and play game to get out. Plus, the art on here looks awesome and I’m a sucker for knights.


    Skulls of Sedlec Halloween Feature Cards


    Two new spooky cards to get you in the Halloween spirit. If you are like me, you’ve already found some enjoyment in Skulls of Sedlec. In fact, this game hit my table for five different plays in the past week and was enjoyable every single time. If you don’t play solo games, you might want to make an exception for this game, as it taxes your brain to build two structures as you are gaining cards. And who doesn’t want to make a bat out of skulls? I mean, honestly, that’s one to check off everyone’s bucket list, and we’re here to help you accomplish your life goals. Right?

    Check out all of the new games here:


    Game of the Week: Fable on Your Table - On Sale for $3

    Fable on your Table is a downloadable, print-and-play miniatures game where you take on the role of an adventurer and plunge into a dungeon trying to complete an objective.

    Play out the battles with papercraft miniatures you cut out and assemble, guided by the companion web app that procedurally generates the dungeons you explore.  When you complete a quest, you level up.  Level up five times to ascend and win the game!

    A very unique game here, folks. Tired of the glut of Kickstarter games featuring minis and $100+ price tag as a result? You aren’t alone! Now with Fable on Your Table, you can make your own papercraft minis to use as you adventure through randomly-generated dungeons. This game seems like it takes some of the best aspects of a game like Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth and makes it accessible and printable for folks to play. If you like having technology as an integrated part of gameplay, this one is sure to strike the right chords with you in the dungeon crawl territory.

    Check out Game of the Week here:

    See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!


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