New games for Sept 27 2019 - Age of Giant Tales

Jason Tagmire


Here's what's new this week:

  • MechAge: Countdown
  • Turris: City of Giants
  • Wonder Tales

This week we have 3 new games! First up is MechAge: Countdown. This is the standalone expansion to MechAge, a modular solo mech battle system. In countdown you are trying to find and stop a nuke, and you can combine mechs from this set or the previous (Attack on Varanor).

Next up is Turris: City of Giants from Epic Endeavor Games. You'll build towers then battle in this fully-realized dystopian fantasy micro game for 2 players (and 4 if you print a second copy).

We also have Wonder Tales form Button Shy. It was a previously popular PNP game known as Wolfe & Co. and Button Shy put their own little artistic and developmental spin on it, and added it to their wallet line. This is the new version with adorable art by Marty Cobb.

This weeks new games are all available here:

The game of the week is Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seeds!

Not all seeds are good, so be careful what you sow! In Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seeds, players will compete to harvest seeds from burgeoning pumpkin patch filled with ugly, scary, and horrifically creepy pumpkins.

Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seeds is a game of pumpkin planting, crow scaring, and tile laying for 1-3 players. Each round, players must choose which type of pumpkin to plant in order to help grow the budding pumpkin patch. Each pumpkin planted grants the players victory seeds. The goal of the game is to collect as many seeds as possible before the final pumpkin is planted. Players will use Baby Boos, Blazes, and Warty Goblins to collect seeds and thwart their opponents efforts to do the same!

Thanks everyone! See you next week!

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