New Games for September 15th, 2023 - Championland and the Nomadic Victory Words

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Magic Word Squares
  • Championland: Track & Field
  • Dungeon Pages: Finley, Nomadic Cavalier

Magic Word Squares

Form six three-letter words within a 3x3 square. Three words across and three words down. Share nine letters in six rows and columns.

If you love to challenge your brain, then you’ll find a ton to really love about the Magic Word Squares. Be careful, though, as you wouldn’t want to accidentally look at the solutions to the 63 puzzles contained within. Work your wordsmithing magic to take a collection of letters for the puzzle and make 6 different words in the 3x3 square, coexisting in sweet linguistic harmony. Need some assistance? There’s a hint for each puzzle, and a guide to share the middle letter that resides in each puzzle, so you will have plenty to help you overcome even the most challenging of starts. At a puzzle-a-day, you’ll have over two months worth of entertainment if you pace yourself on this.


Championland: Track & Field

Every year the grand arenas of Championland overflow with hopeful athletes and excited crowds. Only the strongest, fastest, and smartest players can become true champions!

Well this one is full of interesting twists. I love small games that provide imperfect information to act/react upon, and so the ability to play multiple cards face-down each round is really intriguing. You’re either playing athletes to an event spot, or adding one of 3 events that you’ll end up playing out there each round - and either of those can be face-down when you play them. That’d be enough of a twist to make this interesting, but you also shuffle your 9 cards and can only play the one at either end of your hand so your ability to react to the ever-changing landscape of the events is rarely able to be perfect. With just 18 cards, this will be an easy one to print out and get to the table often as a fun head-to-head game.


Dungeon Pages: Finley, Nomadic Cavalier

Finley and Fillan crossed their share of badlands before reaching the peoples’ realm. Whatever they saw must have been pretty terrifying to change their traveling gear for the student page uniform.

Another excellent installment of Dungeon Pages, with a really annoying trap to work around that is, of course, placed in all the WRONG spaces. That fog will have you stop, reroll dice to begin a new turn with deceased movement. Do you go around it, or stubbornly press through hoping to roll well enough to make up for it? The Hunting Guardians on here will decrease Good Dice when they hit you, and the boss - Ruinous Statue - can mark off unused charges on your earned Relics. Perhaps that Reckless ability of Finley’s will come in handy with all of those burdens stacked against your efforts this week.


Game of the Week: Victory Lane on sale for just $2!

Jump into the driver’s seat and shift into gear. This is your chance to outlast your rivals and end the day in Victory Lane!

Roll dice and manipulate them through braking, accelerating with fuel, and try to get repeats of the same number to move more spaces. Well, except for 6’s, which too many of those will damage your car and force you to do a Pit Stop. With simple mechanics, the ability to press-your-luck a little on dice rolling, and some interesting decisions to make along the way, don’t write off this little game. It brings a great blend between random input and finding ways to manipulate things just right to stay ahead of the competition.


Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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