New Games for September 8th, 2023 - Battle in the Fellwoods between the High Tower Ranger and the Tax Getter

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • And My Tax
  • Gem Getter Pro
  • Gem Getter Gets Better
  • Dungeon Pages: Mira, High Tower Ranger

And My Tax

It is that time of the year again and taxes have to be collected from all of the monsters in the dungeon. The King of Monsters has trusted you with this extremely honorable job. Armed with your tax collector weapons (a bunch of dice), you are to collect as much tax you can from as many monsters before, you know, they chase you out of town (or the dungeon). Good luck!

Another great design to help pass the time in those moments where you cannot commit to something long or involved, such as with an afternoon tea. In this game, you’re trying to roll to hit a certain range of numbers in order to secure the monster card for points, and what dice you roll is up to you…but your pool of dice is limited so there’s a risk/reward on when to play it safe and when to make a bold push for tax dollars. With rules that are quick to read and understand, you’ll be able to get And My Tax to the table quickly and explore the fun press-your-luck system it is built upon.


Gem Getter Pro

In Gem Getter Pro, you and your friends will compete to dig the most

efficient mine using polyomino dig patterns. Unearth heaps of treasure, and

weigh the unique scoring conditions of each gem to become the gettingest

gem getter in all the land!

As is usually the case with a roll-and-write, the function of the game itself is quite easy to grasp, and the interesting part is how your decisions deviate based on the random input. In this case, you’ll have two dice rolled and use one of them each round, so not only will placement differ from your friends, but what shape you choose might also be unique. With lots of gems to cover, boulders to surround and rows to fill for bonuses, and unique dig sheets to pass around, there’s a lot of variety in this small package.


Gem Getter Gets Better

You want more? Fine, have some new dig sheets and roll pages for your Gem Getter experience. Still not enough? Fine, there’s also a campaign here that you and your friends can enjoy across 4 games, vying for a high score and unlocking achievements along the way. For a roll-and-write, this is certainly a game with plenty of variety packed into the game and this turns that up to 11.


Dungeon Pages: Mira, High Tower Ranger

On loan from High Tower, the Knight school from across the sea, Mira is cross-training with the Elder School. The exchange helps each program share techniques to improve the warriors of the next era.

Come and join us this week in the Hellcastle Volcano, a grim setting for the week’s Dungeon Pages. While there’s an excellent hero here - I always enjoy Rangers and their ability to strike from a distance - you’ll need every trick in her quiver to take down these threats. The Commanding Lavabeast sounds like it could be a boss of its own, and they all attack you if you mark an even number next to them. If you think that’s bad, the Grim Vampire has you roll fewer Good Dice for each mark in its column or row…making the trick shot of the Ranger perhaps even more important than ever before.


Game of the Week: Battlecrest: Fellwoods Base Game free this week!

Shots ring out in the overgrown forest. A rugged pirate festooned with weapons of war, stomps into view. He scans the nearby treeline with practiced rigor. In the gnarled canopy above, a celestial goddess calls for an ancestral blessing. With a divine roar she drops to the ground below, swinging her ornate staff with the strength of a thousand lifetimes at her waiting target…

This game is a genuine delight as a small skirmish game. The premise is simple: kill your opponent’s hero before they kill yours. You may have a minion at your disposal to help, and there’s some map cards that can trigger extra effects for those adjacent to their sides. However, the neat thing is the open information, and the use of your abilities and how they’ll flip when refreshing so you’re constantly changing with what you can do. Attacking uses a card. Defending does as well. This provides two new heroes and a new map at your disposal and is a perfect entry point, but is also an excellent addition to those who already have and love Battlecrest.


Battlecrest: Year Two is LIVE on Kickstarter. Check it out below. There are lots of new things, some rare and hard to find (playmats are only available during the campaign) and most of all a whole bunch of new heroes and a new map. Discounts too if you've never bought any. $45 for 5 wallets!!


Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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