New Games for September 16, 2022 - Longboats sailing from the Haunted Helm to the Tetrahexia Carnival

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Quests Over Coffee: Night Carnival Expansion
  • Quests Over Coffee: Haunted Manor Expansion
  • At the Helm
  • Kingdom of Tetrahexia

Quests Over Coffee: Night Carnival Expansion

The Night Carnival is in town! With an assortment of debatably "fair" midway games, fried mysteries, and questionable safety measures, it's curious this place is even still open. But what it doesn't close is your thirst for quests and you may just find your next adventure here!

A fun little expansion adding in 9 new cards to your Quests Over Coffee game experience. Enjoy carrying around your plush friend, which will net you points if you still have it at the end of the game. Wield a hammer that looks powerful, but is limited in its usefulness. What would be a carnival without fried foods of questionable nutrition value? Yep, you can collect those two, and you’ll need some of these to help you as you encounter new quests such as a roller coaster ride, playing carnival games, or even traveling through a Tunnel of Mutual Respect. If you haven’t tried Quests Over Coffee, you’re missing out on some fast, enjoyable fun.


Quests Over Coffee: Haunted Manor Expansion

Down the block materializes a grandiose house that strikes fear in the deepest and darkest areas of your soul. Is it because of the spirits floating around the outside with their groaning? Maybe it's because those same spirits are asking about your extended car warranty. Do you have what it takes to navigate the quests here?

Every adventure needs a bowl full of candy as an item. The theming is strong with this expansion pack, with all sorts of bizarre scenes to explore for the quests. Honestly, tell me you wouldn’t want to press a switch if you found one under a bust in a manor. We all know you would. Whether you are a fan of the horror genre, or just looking to add some variable flavor to your Quests Over Coffee experience, this is a small expansion that you won’t want to miss out on grabbing.


At the Helm

The sea is a dangerous place. Whether it’s storms or sea serpents, you’re putting your life on the line each time you set sail. Boldly face the challenges of the open ocean as you steer your ship into uncharted waters.

There may not be a white whale in these seas, but they still contain dangers aplenty. Take the wheel and challenge the ocean and its trials and tribulations as captain of the ship. This is a small solo game with some hand management, a market of cards to purchase, and challenges to overcome before your health or your time runs out. With several challenges to choose from, there’s plenty of reason to have this hit your table several times in a row. It never ceases to amaze me how much can be packed into such a small package for a game, and this promises to be one of those solo games that are very replayable and fun.


Kingdom of Tetrahexia

Agromensor, the Kingdom’s Royal Landscaper has died. The King has opened the doors of the castle in search for a new talent that would even come close to the prowess of the old designer. You are one of the many aspiring young souls vying for the title of Royal Landscaper. You will need to build a grand plan of the kingdom, showing efficient use of resources, economic routes, and provide safety and security to the inhabitants of the kingdom in order to impress the King. Are you up to the task to mold the topography of the Kingdom and become the new Royal Landscaper? Let’s find out.

An interesting roll-and-write game where you’re using 3d8 and applying a die to each of three things. You’re going to want to balance how you’re constructing this kingdom, as there’s a penalty for any incomplete roads as well as any single empty hex that is completely surrounded by filled-in hexes. Because everyone (usually) uses the same pool of die rolls, this is an easy game to scale up for any number of players, and is sure to please the fans of roll-and-write games while


Game of the Week: Longboat

In a game of Longboat, players take the role of brave Jarls sailing down The River, filling their Boats with loyal Vikings in search of Loot and Glory. Players will take it in turns to draft cards from a central pool called The River and add them to their Boat. Some cards will trigger special actions that will affect the flow of the game. These can be used to either benefit yourself or make things harder for your opponents. Once all the cards have been drafted, the player with the most Glorious Boat wins.

People who know me also know I love a good Viking-themed game. Add in cool artwork and a process of drafting cards from a face-up display? Count me in. This one is interesting because the cards have “powers” on them, which come in one of three varieties: slowing another player, moving cards in the display, or stealing cards from a player. Fast, fun, and lots of interaction (like it should be when Vikings are involved), this game is sure to be a hit whenever it raids your game night.

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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