New Games for September 23, 2022 - Roll for Victory Coffee on Darkstar

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Quests Over Coffee Dice Game
  • Victory Lane
  • Roll to Escape

Quests Over Coffee Dice Game

One day when I was closing up the shop, I found six mysterious dice left on the table. I’ve been asking the regulars that come in if it’s theirs. I’m trying to see if it’s a game or fortune telling device or something else entirely.

A fascinating new game that is all about rolling dice, placing them in ascending order grouped by colors to score points. Like many games, this one uses a yahtzee mechanic where can reroll up to two times, and then you’re grouping the dice. A die can only go next to another die if it either has the same number, or is of the same color as the preceding die. The real fun is how your score multiples, based on how many dice you could use times the number of color changes that happen, so rolling all blues might make it easier to assemble, but won’t really score you a ton of points. If you like fast, push-your-luck dice chucking, don’t miss out on this one.


Victory Lane

Jump into the driver’s seat and shift into gear. This is your chance to outlast your rivals and end the day in Victory Lane!

Roll dice and manipulate them through braking, accelerating with fuel, and try to get repeats of the same number to move more spaces. Well, except for 6’s, which too many of those will damage your car and force you to do a Pit Stop. With simple mechanics, the ability to press-your-luck a little on dice rolling, and some interesting decisions to make along the way, don’t write off this little game. It brings a great blend between random input and finding ways to manipulate things just right to stay ahead of the competition.


Roll to Escape

On June 11th, 1962, three daring prisoners had built dummies of themselves in bed while they snuck out of their cells through shafts and corridors, dodging guards and using a plan concocted during their daily routines. They had built a raft in secret and set off to freedom and an uncertain fate.

Compete against your fellow prisoners as you roll to try and collect items in various rooms in order to successfully escape. There’s a variety of rooms, of which three will surface each round, and you’re going to try to maximize how you utilize your dice in order to pull ahead of your opponent. Each room also has access to shared and private privileges, which can further give you an edge if you manage to gain one early in the game. Games are certain to be fast, as it is just a race to finish all six steps in any order. The game also comes with advanced rooms on the other side, and a solo mode where you race against the clock to escape in 13 turns.


Game of the Week: Darkstar

Whether intentionally or otherwise, the Outsider star-drives disrupted the Imperial transport grid. The Empire fell apart once it was denied easy access to its far-flung arms. The Principles of the major Houses adapted to this situation by asserting executive authority over their cut-off galactic cantons. The ensuing wrangling has brought things to a parlous state: the deep-defense network has been de-activated, the majority of Empire squadrons have been destroyed, and the collapse of unsuccessful Houses has riddled the Empire with power vacuums.

If you like Space Battles and Science Fiction, then you will be excited to try out Darkstar. This one has you sending out fleets of ships around a map, launching missiles that will destroy squares on the map for the entire game, and trying to obtain three colors of deep-defense codes to earn a Deep Defenses tech card which will win you the game if you hold it in your Draw phase. With multiple ways to lose, the ability to concede, and more - this won’t be the the faint-hearted to play. However, it does promise to offer some really fun and interesting gameplay experiences, including 2-player rules.

Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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