New Games For January 04 2019 - Gryphons Build Super Tall Tents!

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! Tagmire here - and back from the dead (well, the flu). Happy to be upright, and happy to be sharing a few new games for the week. The holidays really put a slowdown on communication, so it's another Button Shy heavy week. FYI - we have enough Button Shy titles to keep us going through many of these holiday weeks! :) We have 4 new games to share with you. Ahead In The Clouds: Tents Trackers and Contracts Legends of Dsyx: Gryphon Delivery Service Semifinal Fantasy Supertall The new games are all available here: And...

New Games For December 28 2018 - Scraping together an Arcane Stew

Jason Greeno

NEW GAME FRIDAY is here!  Jason and I hope you're having great holidays and excellent gaming. It's a bit of a light week over here at PNP Arcade with family-time and travel eating into development. 2019 is right around the corner though, and the arcade is only going to get bigger and better! Check out the new games here: If you've had as many holiday cookies as I have you may be ready to play the new game of the week... Arcane Bakery Clash is a resource management game, where your resource is time. Specifically, time to cook the magical treats that...

New Games For December 21 2018 - Chasing The Plague for TV Ratings!

Jason Tagmire

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NEW GAME FRIDAY is here! The second to last of the year! Welcome to our weekly newsletter showing off some awesome new games at PNP Arcade. We have 8 new games this week and another new publisher! The new publisher this week is... Formal Ferret Games! Gil Hova has been a good friend and inspiration in his very successful and very professional self-publishing model. We introduce their games Wordsy and The Networks, and a handful of others. Here's the full list: Doom Realm Feat On The Ground Legends of Dsyx: Spellcraft Academy Plague Starship Babel The Networks Tornado Chase Wordsy...

New Games For December 14 2018 - The Physics of Goblins and Martians!

Jason Tagmire

It's another NEW GAME FRIDAY! Hey everyone and welcome to another week of printable games at PNP Arcade. It's funny because we have a new publisher, new designer (our first non-publisher, designer) and 8 new games... and we were calling it a slow week here. Happy to keep new things coming you way, and a bunch of them are free! The new publisher this week is: Good Little Games! Plus Christopher Anderson and Button Shy Games. Here are the new titles: Bread and Circuses Good Little Gardens Good Little Martian Good Little Ninja Legends of Dsyx: Guns, Goblins & Grog...

New Games For December 7 2018 - Cobras Are Blowing Up Villages!

Jason Tagmire

Hello and welcome to NEW GAME FRIDAY!  It was a wild week here with both of us being at Pax Unplugged, and spending most of the week just catching up, but we were able to meet lots of people (designers and publishers you'll see here in the future, and PNPers too) and we were able to spread the word about PNP Arcade.   Let's talk about the new games this week! We have three new publishers on board: Cardboard Edison, Fridgecrisis Games and Tuesday Knight Games. Along with a few Button Shy titles, we have 10 new games to share with you....

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