New games for Oct 11 2019 - Arch of Rice Shadows

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! Here's what's new this week: Hierarchy Seasons of Rice Shadows Upon Lassadar We have two new Button Shy titles, the free Kickstarter preview for Hierarchy, an abstract game of order and power. It's an open information microgame, so even if your PNP crafting skills are as bad as mine, the gameplay won't suffer. In the game, players each take a random set of 7 cards and play them openly, until they cannot play any more. Cards must be played atop a card of a lesser value, unless either the last card or the new card change...

New games for Sept 27 2019 - Age of Giant Tales

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! Here's what's new this week: MechAge: Countdown Turris: City of Giants Wonder Tales This week we have 3 new games! First up is MechAge: Countdown. This is the standalone expansion to MechAge, a modular solo mech battle system. In countdown you are trying to find and stop a nuke, and you can combine mechs from this set or the previous (Attack on Varanor). Next up is Turris: City of Giants from Epic Endeavor Games. You'll build towers then battle in this fully-realized dystopian fantasy micro game for 2 players (and 4 if you print a second...

New games for Sept 20 2019 - The Quest for the Carbon Outpost

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! Here's what's new this week: Carbon City Zero Outpost 18 Tempus Quest Episode 5: Big Damn Ship This week we meet two new publishers! First up is 10:10 Climate Action with Carbon City Zero, a deckbuilding game that is coming to Kickstarter today. Try it for free here at PNP Arcade. We also have Outpost 18 by Angry Cyborg Games, a 2 player microgame of space station strategy. And finally we have Episode 5 of Button Shy's Tempus Quest, a not-quite roll and write, as it's diceless and uses the current time to setup and provide...

New games for Sept 13 2019 - Minty Mint Mints

Jason Tagmire

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It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! Here's what's new this week: Mint Works Mint Delivery Mint Cooperative So many mints! Hahaha. Just after we launched last week's new games, we added all three of Five24 Labs mint tin games. There's the original, Mint Works. The follow-up, Mint Delivery and now the 3rd game in the series, Mint Cooperative, which is now on Kickstarter. Oh yeah, and all of them are FREE! This weeks new games are all available here: The game of the week is The Cloud Dungeon with character pack and exclusive PNP Arcade character!! The Cloud Dungeon is a...

New games for Sept 6 2019 - Ninja Flower Doom

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! Here's what's new this week: Doom Realm: The Goblins and Sleeping Dragon Ninjitsu Tussie Mussie Tussie Mussie: Flower Shoppe (solo expansion) Tussie Mussie Solo Playmat This week we have a whole bunch of Tussie Mussie by Elizabeth Hargrave and Button Shy Games. There's the game, the solo expansion by Mike Mullins and a solo playmat for those of you with access to large format printing. There's also a standalone expansion to Doom Realm, the roll and write game by Jason Glover. We snuck this out for free to everyone that purchased Doom Realm previously, and now...

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