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AdvanceQuest: Among I, The Fungi

Button Shy Games

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AdvanceQuest: Among I, The Fungi
AdvanceQuest: Among I, The Fungi
AdvanceQuest: Among I, The Fungi
AdvanceQuest: Among I, The Fungi

AdvanceQuest is a compact adventure system. Generate a character with any traits you want, and advance your way through the story, rolling dice against challenges and trying to reach the end.

Adventure awaits and a sinister evil grows in the Great Myconid Kingdom, a tangled forest of towering mushrooms. Join forces with a brave mushketeer and fight back to back in... Among I, the Fungi.

Using a clever new exploration mechanic, each foray into the story will offer different challenges using a simple combination of two elements. Select two of your own traits and roll off against the two story elements, and see if you can beat the dangerous situation. If you roll well, you survive to continue on. If you fail, you will take damage. But don't despair – you can spend Stamina to re-roll dice before you apply their effects! If you can make it through the story, you win! Your score is how many treasures you manage to collect along the way – see if you can beat your high score by playing again!


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 15 minutes


  • Publisher: Button Shy Games
  • Designer: CC Chamberlin
    • Page count: 3
    • Components: 4 cards
    • Additional components needed: an assortment of polyhedral dice, pencil and paper

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