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A Rusty Throne

Barny Skinner

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A Rusty Throne
A Rusty Throne
A Rusty Throne
A Rusty Throne
Rusty Throne is a fast-playing solitaire Card Driven Wargame set in a low fantasy realm, featuring an elegant player-influenced enemy AI with no book-keeping, and multi-use cards leading to difficult decisions.

King Alric is mad, everyone knows that; a rusty mind on a rusty throne. As the heir to Prydon's northern highlands, the troubles of court are far away for you until the King has your father executed for a treason he didn't commit. Pledging to end his reign, you march to war. The other Lords of the land stand with the King for now; no matter, you will take their castles by force. The King has more men, more resources and more power, but you have friends at court, spies who can influence the King's military decisions. Perhaps that will be enough, if the Flames of Heaven will it.


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 12+  
  • Length: 30 minutes  


  • Designer: Barny Skinner


  • Page count: 9 pages of Components plus 4 pages of rules.
  • Components: 27 Cards plus a 1 page Map
  • Additional components needed: 20 cubes or tokens, 10 each of two colours.

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