For 2 Players

DNGN - Core Game

Barny Skinner

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DNGN - Core Game
DNGN - Core Game
DNGN - Core Game
DNGN is a 1-2 player, diceless dungeon crawler with a minimalist style and branching campaigns. Players each take control of an Adventurer, and work together to explore dungeons, defeat monsters, and complete missions, using an innovative stamina assignment system to plan their actions each turn. Over a series of missions the Adventurers will increase and customise their abilities, improve their skills, and purchase new equipment, to be able to take on the greater threats to come, and make decisions affecting their party's path through the campaign.

DNGN is a Print and Play Expanding Card Game; this core game pack contains everything you need to play the game, including a 9 mission fantasy campaign, The World Rune, while expansion packs will add further campaigns with different themes, more equipment, and new monsters. Each campaign is played separately with a new set of Adventurers each time."


  • Players: 1-2
  • Ages: 13+  
  • Length: 30-45 minutes per mission 


  • Designer: Barny Skinner
  • Art: Barny Skinner, Daniel F. Walthall, Dean Spencer


  • Page count: 28
  • Components: 54 Poker Sized Cards, 36 Mini Cards, 12 Large Cards/Tiles, 4 Card Dividers, 63 Tokens
  • Additional components needed: 18 Cubes (in 3 colors) Per Player

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