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Studies in Sorcery Expansion: Divination

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Studies in Sorcery Expansion: Divination
Studies in Sorcery Expansion: Divination
Studies in Sorcery Expansion: Divination

Have you mastered Alchemy, Sorcery, and Reanimation? Think you have it all? Ha! You've only scratched the surface of the arcane powers our universe has to offer. You have yet to explore the vast expanses of the human mind. Your understanding is limited to the here and now, where the ability to prophesy future timelines will show you how truly insignificant your power is.

The school of Divination is an additional set of 24 project cards and tokens that can be mixed in with the projects provided by the base game. Mechanically this area of study some major themes:

  • Place watchful eye tokens (a new component) to prophesy your opponent's actions and be rewarded for successful predictions.
  • Manipulate perception, placing extra credit tokens and turning demerits into a positive.
  • Increased knowledge of hidden information, which you can use against your opponents.
  • Be rewarded for surrendering yourself to fate and pushing your luck.

While the base game stands well on its own we recommend you pick up the Divination expansion if you're looking for advanced strategies, more player interaction, and more variety on your educational journeys.

This is an expansion for Studies in Sorcery and also includes the Staff of the Sorcerer Expansion!


  • Players: 1-4
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 45-60 minutes  


  • Publisher: Weird Giraffe Games
  • Designer: Chris Glein
  • Art: Katie Khau, Jon Merchant, Chris Glein


  • Page Count: 9 (game, with card backs), 2 (rules), 2 (staff expansion)
  • Components: 24 Divination Project cards, 20 Fate tokens
  • Additional Components Needed: None

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