Dust and Void


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Dust and Void
Dust and Void
Dust and Void

The last humans lie past the edge of the solar system, frozen in Cathedral, an interstellar spacecraft designed to travel to another star. Cathedral can not be completed in a generation, so her architects founded The Pale Crescent, an order tasked only with completing construction. Two hundred years later, the pilots who scour empty space for materials don’t remember Earth. They only know that if they don’t meet their quota, they may lose their craft, and live out their days on construction duty.

Assume the role of a pilot scavenging deep space. Spend your twelve-day shift exploring, gathering materials, and managing your craft, among other things, for the good of Cathedral. These actions will score you points, which represent how valuable your shift has been. At the end of the 12th turn, the game ends, at which point you will count your points and see how you fared.


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 15-30 minutes  


  • Publisher: Metal Snail
  • Designer: Robin Gibson
  • Graphic Design, Development:  Joey Schouten
  • Project Management:  Odin Phong


  • Page count: 7
  • Components: Rules, Playsheet
  • Additional components needed: (4) D6 and a pencil

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