Four Against Darkness: Dark Waters

Ganesha Games

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Four Against Darkness: Dark Waters

One shipment of the Orfeld company has been waylaid in transit across the Sea of Storms. Kardalokan corsairs have captured the cargo ship and stolen the valuables, including a prized golden statue of Tezany, the Shark God. Lord Orfeld needs four brave adventurers to bring back the statue. But is this be a run-of-the-mill recovery mission, or is some mysterious power at work?

Dark Waters is a solo adventure for Four Against Darkness, consisting of one planned dungeon and a random dungeon. 30 pages.

Includes game rules for over 20 water monsters and a new playable class, the Swashbuckler.


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 45-75 minutes  


  • Publisher: Ganesha Games
  • Designer: Jeffery Baker, Andrea Sfiligoi
  • Art: Andrea Sfiligoi


  • Page count: 30
  • Components: Book
  • Additional components needed: Pencil, two six sided dice, and grid paper.

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