Four Against Darkness: Monster Deck #3

Ganesha Games

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Four Against Darkness: Monster Deck #3
Four Against Darkness: Monster Deck #3
Four Against Darkness: Monster Deck #3
Monsters Deck #3 is a collection of 24 tarot-sized cards, each with a monster for Four Against Darkness.

You may use these whenever you would roll on a table to determine which Vermin, Minion, Boss or Weird Monster you encounter. Instead of rolling, draw a card from the appropriate deck, play it and then reshuffle it into the deck. You can combine monster decks together, expanding the variation of encounters with every new set released.

Monsters Deck  #3 contains 24 new monsters that can be used for all levels of play.

6 Vermin:
  • Gold Eyes
  • Grabbing Crab-things
  • Bats of Vengeance
  • Glue Minigolems
  • Crawling Skulls
  • Dead Forest Spiders
6 Minions:
  • Wailing Knights
  • Cursed Wood Elves
  • Horned Constrictors
  • Steppe Orcs
  • Mutant Assassins
  • Chaos Slayers
6 Bosses:
  • Lizardman Knight
  • Thunderstorm Dragon
  • The Pale Lady in Red
  • The Princess of Mist
  • Mad Alchemist
  • Mountain Goblin Assassin
6 Weird Monsters:
  • Champion of Zur
  • Skeletal Knight
  • Savage Werewolf
  • Lady of the Halo
  • Chaos Goblin Shaman
  • Eldritch Ghost
    This accessory requires the base game, Four Against Darkness.


    • Players: 1
    • Ages: 12+ 


    • Publisher: Ganesha Games
    • Designer: Andrea Sfiligoi & Alexey Aparin


    • Page count: 12
    • Components: 24 Monster Cards
    • Additional components needed: Base Game

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