Hark! 1 The Neverending Stairs of Umbar

Raphael Sadowski

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Hark! 1 The Neverending Stairs of Umbar
Hark! 1 The Neverending Stairs of Umbar

Hark! 1: The Neverending Stairs of Umbar is a first entry in a series of short, printable, randomly generated, replayable, solo fantasy adventures.

Each Hark! will be a minigame of its own, with a unique setting, unique, simple rules and unique gameplay consisting of a series of randomly generated encounters. Full single player immersion, with virtually no prep and no crunch.

Single playthrough can take anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes, depending on your luck, so it's perfect for scratching the itch for an old school adventure, while you have no one else to play.

While no two playthrough will ever be identical, the replayability value wanes after 4-7 playthroughs. Then all you need is to wait for the next entry in the Hark! series.

I wish you good rolls. Say hi to the Pale Lady from me, if you ever meet her.


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 30-120 minutes  


  • Designer: Raphael Sadowski
  • Art: NS1


  • Page count: 2
  • Components: 2 A3 (or smaller) print-outs, cut and assembled according to instruction, to create an easy to handle pamphlet
  • Additional components needed: d4, d6, d8 & d10 dice, something to take notes

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