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ManaSurge is a competitive magical card game where dueling wizards fight for possession of the mystical World Crystal. The World Crystal is a valued relic among magic users and will grant immense power to whichever wizard wields it. You are one of the many wizards who have come to claim the stone, but gaining control of the stone won’t be an easy task.

This free-for-all magical showdown pits 3-5 wizards against each other over a series of rounds. Each round is a magical duel between all the wizards, which includes 6 different types of magic: Blades, Fireball, Frost Wave, Lightning, Quake and Metamagic. These magic types will aid wizards in their duel.

ManaSurge is played in a series of rounds. Players take turns casting an initial spell which will set the rule for the round, set the rank other players must beat, and earn them a potential Shard (VP). Players then take turns playing cards of equal or higher rank from their hands to the table - if they match the spell suit, they place a Shard on that card. The round ends when a player can no longer play a valid card from their hand. The player that could not play a card returns any Shards on their played cards back to the center and then takes card damage equal to the amount of Shards that are still on cards. All other players then take the Shards on cards they played to their Victory Pool. The player who played the last card gets a bonus Shard.

When a player takes damage, they draw cards from the deck equal to the amount of damage and place them face down in front of them. If they ever accumulate 5+ damage, they immediately discard their hand and a Shard, and then take their damage cards in to their hand.

The game ends when one player has 12 Shards with 3 or 4 players...or 10 Shards with 5 players.


  • Players: 3-5
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 30 minutes  


  • Publisher: Daily Magic Games
  • Designer: Frank Sronce
  • Artist: Zulkarnaen Hasan Basri


  • Page count: 37 Pages
  • Components: Rulebook, Cards, Tokens
  • Additional components needed: None

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