Raging Bulls

Mark Tuck

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Raging Bulls
Raging Bulls

Nominated for the 2017 Golden Geek Best Print & Play GameRaging Bulls is the roll and write game of fencing in bulls in fields.

Use dice rolls to build fences (draw lines) across a field in order to enclose and separate the bulls in it. As well as working out where best to build your fence, you'll also need to plan for the next ones. 
There is also an element of push your luck - do you risk losing a life (mallet) by going for that final fence to complete the field or move on to the next field and score less points?

The game consists of 4 fields of increasing difficulty.

This Special Edition includes several new features: some amorous cows (each will need matching up with a bull), a pond that your fences can't cross and the ability to recycle wood (unused dice) to gain a dice modifying saw.
Also included is a 'Straight Hedge’ mini ruler, to help you draw perfect fences. 

  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Publisher: Mark Tuck
  • Designer: Mark Tuck
  • Art: Mark Tuck
  • Page Count: 1 game page, 1 page of rules, 1 page optional 'Straight Hedge’ mini ruler (in both cm and inches).
  • Components:  Game page, rules sheet, mini ruler (low ink game page also included)
  • Additional components needed: 3 six-sided dice, pen or pencil, something to draw a straight line with (if you're not using the 'Straight Hedge’!).

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