The Lucky Penny Diner

Stephen B Davies

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The Lucky Penny Diner
The Lucky Penny Diner
The Lucky Penny Diner
The Lucky Penny Diner

Hey, thanks for picking up a shift or two! It's been busy; guests have been coming at all hours of the day and night to warm their frozen feet and fill up on fries, burgers, and our famous fruit pies. As you can see there are no tables, just the row of barstools there. Guests are everyone's responsibility. We don't split tips here - the person who's served a guest the most food will get everything. Pay attention to what they like, and they'll tip well. Well, I think that's it... go talk to Gus in the back and he'll get you an apron and paper hat. Welcome aboard!

In The Lucky Penny Diner players are the waitstaff in a 24-hour diner, serving orders to guests, and trying to collect the most in tips. What you serve, when, and to whom factor into how well you are rewarded. Do you serve dessert to a guest that your opponent is waiting on so that they can't serve them any more apps or entrees? Do you give it to the guy at the end to turn his two courses into three? Or do you serve it to the girl with the sweet tooth who will tip more for it?


  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 20 minutes  


  • Publisher: Stephen B Davies
  • Designer: Stephen B Davies
  • Art: Stephen B Davies


  • Page count: 17
  • Components:  3 pages rules, 54 cards 
  • Additional components needed: 16 counters (pennies are ideal) 

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