Tike's Dungeoneering

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Tike's Dungeoneering
Tike's Dungeoneering
Tike's Dungeoneering
Tike's Dungeoneering
Tike's Dungeoneering
Tike's Dungeoneering

Tike's Dungeoneering is a core set of fantasy role-playing game (RPG) rules designed for a younger audience. As the Lead Player, you will guide your Tikes through a rich and imaginative world full of excitement, peril, and discovery.

Every Tike is a unique individual. Each has their own personality, imagination, and style; play to that. Play to their strengths, help them learn the basic math required, let them tell the story. Tike's Dungeoneering is not only fun but can also be educational.

Inside, you will find:

- Straightforward character creation.

- Sample Tikes and Enemies.

- A guide on running a game for your Tike.

- More information on the official Guided Adventures.

- The original 5.5"x8.5" format and a PnP format for standard 8.5"x11" paper.

- And more!

The Tikes take their rascally friend Rae, the Baby Owlbear, on a seemingly peaceful jaunt to the beach. However, when Rae's little belly gets the best of her, they are all in for a world of adventure and excitement.


    • Players: 2+ players
    • Ages: 8+
    • Length: 20-90 min.


    • Publisher: Geeks Collaborative Gaming
    • Designer: Shawn Hescock
    • Collaborating With: Scott Bates, Sir Stile Teckel, John Corbally & Chase Webb
    • Editing: Caitlin Hescock & Nicholas John-Charles
    • Art: Rick Hershey


    • Page count: Rules 42 pages, Robrus Beach Cave Adventure 26 pages
    • Components:
      • The adventure text
      • Print & Play sheets for items and 2D cutout miniatures
      • Full size (18x18) map
    • Additional components needed: Paper, Pencil, 3-4 six-sided dice 

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