Word Chain

Mark Tuck

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Word Chain
Word Chain

Word Chain is a quick and portable party game in which players have to say a word that links to the previously said word, according to the rules shown on the cards drawn.

Using just a small deck of cards, the game can also be played solo (in hand - no table required!).

This Extended Edition has 26 Link cards (including new links) and 1 ‘End of Round’ card, as well as updated rules and variants.


  • Players 1 - 8
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length:10 - 30 minutes


  • Publisher: Mark Tuck
  • Designer: Mark Tuck
  • Art: Mark Tuck


  • Page Count: 3 pages of cards, 1 page of rules
  • Components: 27 cards, 1 rules sheet (low ink cards/rules, optional card backs, mini rules booklet and tuck box also included)
  • Additional components needed: none

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