New games for Dec 20, 2019 - All-Seeing Ninja Visitors

Jason Tagmire


Here's what's new this week:

  • Chain Mail: All-Seeing is Believing
  • Ninja: Silent But Deadly
  • Thunder Visitors

Chain Mail is a 1-4 player print and play adventure game that starts out with just a small handful of cards and a map, and grows with monthly expansions. The footprint is the same each game, but the options and variability multiply very quickly as new monsters, treasures, maps, quests and characters are introduced. 

This expansion includes the following:

  • Map: Swamps of Sorrow
  • Monsters: Giant / Orcs
  • Treasure: Plate Armor
  • Quest: The All Seeing Eye
  • Character: Astrologist


Ninjas! Their very name conjures images of black-clad, highly trained assassins. Now, the mystique and power can be yours to use as you see fit.

Ninja: Silent But Deadly is more than just a game; it's a metagame to be played in the background with ninja-like skills, making it perfect for a game night, casual party, or other social gathering.


Thunder Visitors is a print and play game for one to three players. Your goal is to manage the cards in your hand and manipulate your die on the grid so you can create thunder and score points while recording it. The game combines a puzzle (pattern building) with simultaneous action selection (bidding for actions and playing order), that also works well when played solo.

This weeks new games are all available here:

The game of the week is Mint Julep!

You are in attendance of an amazing horse race and your goal is to end up with the most points by the end of the race. In Mint Julep, players draft cards, place bets and then manipulate the race in order to ensure the horse that they want to win ends up finishing the race in a top spot. Be careful where you place your bet because the odds might be against you!

Each game is played in 3 Rounds that each consist of three phases:
1.) drafting cards for your hand
2.) betting on which horse you think will win
3.) playing movement cards to adjust the order of the horses in the race.

Final scoring is based on where horses start in the race (horses starting in lower positions are worth more points), where horses end in the race (more points earned for higher place finishers), and when a bet was played (with later bets being worth less than earlier bets).

Score the highest points with your bet and you win

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