New games for Dec 27, 2019 - Rolling Stars Quest

Jason Tagmire


Here's what's new this week:

  • Rolling Seas
  • Tempus Quest: Old Debts
  • Twin Stars: Token Set

The seas of the Alkundic Archipelago have long been known for their treacherous storms, exhilarating currents, hazardous rocky outcrops, and even a mild infestation of sea monsters. You and a ragtag crew have set out to explore the islands and seas they occupy. Along the way you will have adventures, stop at ports to resupply, get a better ship, and tell the tale of your voyages. The more you tell your story the more reputation you’ll earn. Will your crew have the greatest tale to tell and earn the most reputation? Sail the Rolling Seas and find out!

Rolling Seas begins with everyone initializing their maps – drawing islands and known obstacles and choosing a Home Port. Each round has three quick phases that everyone participates in simultaneously: Dice, Adventures, and Actions. The Dice Phase consists of rolling two types of dice to determine the wind direction and exploration events. If multiple direction dice indicate the same wind direction an Adventure will be resolved in the Adventure Phase, thus adding more obstacles to players’ maps. In the Action Phase each player can choose to Sail, Explore, or Visit a Port. As you Sail and Explore you’ll add to your Story. When you Visit a Port you’ll get to tell your Story to gain Reputation. The player with the most Reputation at the end of 25 rounds is the winner!


Tempus Quest is Button Shy's 2019 "not-roll & write" game. Instead of dice, you will use the date and time for setup and randomization as your work your way through a series of pen and paper games.

This is episode 6 of the series.


The Twin Stars: Token Set is a set of tokens to be used with the Twin Stars: Adventure Series games from Button Shy Games. You can use generic tokens to play the game, or you can use these thematic tokens.

Includes 120 single sided tokens (or 60 double sided tokens) and 2 reference sheets.

This weeks new games are all available here:

The game of the week is Smoke & Mirrors!

Smoke & Mirrors is a bluffing game for 2-5 players. As the greatest magicians in the world, players will compete for the top spot by trying to go bigger and better than the previous magician using a limited number of tricks. But the players need to watch how much they share, because once their secrets are revealed, they are out!

Players each get 3 trick cards, from 3 different decks. They must use these cards to create a magic act that has a trick value of one number higher than the player to their left using any amount of their cards. If successful, the players continue, building more and more dangerous magic acts. The winner is the last player standing.

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