New Games for July 5th, 2024 - Rescue Gallant Hunters in Guesswork Space

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:
  • Bounty Hunter Bounty

  • Guesswork
  • Dungeon Pages: Overland Adventures - Xantas, Gallant Forester
  • Dangerous Space: Dekkar, Rescue Mission


Bounty Hunter Bounty

With WANTED poster in hand and weapon in the other, you approach your target. What startles you is not to see their murderous eyes, but the WANTED poster in their hands. That's your WANTED poster. They point their weapon at you. Your eyes widen. A second passes and you both dive behind some barrels. Barrels, as you know, are the only protection to bullets back in the day. That's why you could shoot fish in them (as the saying goes).

A fairly quick and simple game of competition against your opponent. With delightful artwork, you’ll be gunning to take out your bounty before they take you down. Roll dice, play cards, and maneuver to try and gain three hearts from the opponent before they do the same to you. With short rules and few components, this is a quick one to download, build, and get right to the table for some head-to-head hilarity.



Think you know your friends well? See if you can pick up on their clever clues to deduce their secret numbers. Will your best guesses be good enough, or will you find out that you really don’t have a clue?

Work together as a team to try and deduce the number, somewhere between #1 and #18, that the clue-giver is thinking. The last card played out to a pile provides the clue they have to use, such as how many thumbs they’d give to a movie (the clue-giver names a movie of their choice), how many of something they own, and more. If you think you know people, their answers to these questions might really baffle and surprise you.


Dungeon Pages: Overland Adventures - Xantas, Gallant Forester

A selfless warrior, Xantas is protective of his domain. He’s a skilled swordsman and talented harpist. Now if he could only master the courting ritual.

Enter the Echo Forest, where you’ll be taming Acidic Plants and slogging through Slime on your way toward the Encroaching Bog. Your mileage will vary on this one, depending on whether you choose to complete some of the side quests or not - such as only using 3’s to defeat two of the Slimes you encounter. Don’t underestimate the Dire Golem boss, who deals double damage if you triggered a trap in the dungeon. However, the Elemental Water from Xantas will help you strike the foes down and emerge victorious!


Dangerous Space: Dekkar, Rescue Mission

Dekkar was trained by a secretive sect of martial warriors whose code devotes each to a life of daring missions and quests.

Navigate through the depths of the Galactic Beam, this time with the task of saving the survivors on board. However, your mission, should you choose to accept it, grants you less time than normal to reach its conclusion. Thankfully, neither threat within the ship will impact your movement or the time track directly. And if you work on upgrading his Devotion Boots, you’ll find that Dekkar has more than enough capability to traverse the interior and fulfill his mission…assuming the dice are ever in your favor, that is…


Game of the Week: Dangerous Space Core Set on sale for just $3!

Jump into the far future where eager ship jumpers try their luck at salvaging derelict starships.

Don’t miss out on your chance to snag the core set for Dangerous Space. This has four character/map/mission combos to try out and enjoy. Manage your path through tech trees for the characters to allow you to upgrade your skills to suit what you need in the moment to overcome what is in front of you. Complete your mission based upon your chosen character, and try to survive even when the odds are stacked against you. Each of these four feel unique, not only due to differing characters but also their missions provided.


Dangerous Space Year-Long Adventure on sale for just $18!

Jump into the far future where eager ship jumpers try their luck at salvaging derelict starships.

Whether you joined along for the previous year’s fun with Dungeon Pages, or if this is your first plunge, there’s no better time than now to lock in Dangerous Space. Like Dungeon Pages, this will provide a weekly sheet with a character and a map to play through, letting you have access to fresh content weekly for the entire year! This time around it has a sci-fi theme, as well as tech trees for the characters to allow you to upgrade your skills to suit what you need in the moment to overcome what is in front of you. You might just find that this is the best money you can spend on a solo game for your table in 2024…and since you’re jumping in halfway through the year, there will be a lot of content for you to get to the table!

Check out Game of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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