New Games for June 7th, 2024 - Handsome Zombies Graduate from Dangerous Thrash Continent

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Zombie Snack
  • Graduate in Necromancy
  • Fantasy Map Maker: The Continent Expansion
  • Dungeon Pages Overland: Thrash, Noble
  • Dangerous Space: Kwadill, Retrieve Mission


Zombie Snack

You have to find 3 brains, eat them with your Fork, and run away without getting caught by Zombie hunters.

An interesting game where, rather than hunting down the zombies, you are one of those zombies seeking to satisfy your hunger while fending off those pesky hunters. Use your tooth bullets to defeat the hunters, tossing them into a box in order to successfully score hits. Move around a map, trying to be stealthy as you hunt for Zombie Pots to obtain your brains, and then grab a fork to dig on in. If you enjoy games that feel a little different than most of the ones coming out, this one has a few things that helps to set it apart from the crowd.


Graduate in Necromancy

You just finished your Bachelor’s studies in Necromancy, and you kind of like this type of magic. You are thinking Yes, I can raise dead, but they only last a couple of hours or so…that is not enough to make a dent in the World. And so, you venture forth to become an even more knowledgeable and skilled necromancer. In this solo print-and-play 10–15 minute card game, you have to complete a Master’s degree in Necromancy in two semesters by completing courses and raising dead study buddies. However, completing courses drains your sanity. Will you succeed? Or will you become an insane fiend haunting the university’s corridors?

A quick little game full of engine-building and push-your-luck mechanics, this one has you trying to survive two semesters while accumulating enough money and advancing to graduate. With multiple options on how to utilize each card as it appears, there’s a lot of decision space in a small, fast-playing package. This game has delightful artwork, a fairly unique spin on a theme, and easy rules to help you hit the ground running and get it to the table.


Fantasy Map Maker: The Continent Expansion

Players will create their own epic continental map comprised of four regional Fantasy Map Maker maps.

If you enjoyed putting on your Cartographer cap for Fantasy Map Maker, you’ll get even more joy out of this little expansion. This gives you four maps to put together to form one larger map, and on each you begin working on a continent. You must finish one before moving onto the next, but you can also have features extend into an unused map as you’re building things out. Add in the new Port feature, which lets you draw the landmark onto a previously-completed map, and there’s just enough new here to feel refreshing while also providing a mostly-familiar experience for the players.


Dungeon Pages Overland: Thrash, Noble

Great as an ally, terrifying as an enemy, Thrash is a skilled warrior. His purpose is to mete out justice against those who are cruel to the weak and defenseless.

Somehow the Splatter theme on these enemies is a fitting adjective to pair with this new hero. Thrash knows how to handle his foes, coming with Elemental Light and Dark abilities to use which let him reroll dice. He has some really interesting Side Quests, encouraging him to ignore some of the Rats in his early dungeon so he can defeat a spider first. But those spiders…they give you a feel for the Splatter Scarab, making you mark a 1 adjacent to other enemies of the same type. However, the Scarabs are especially nasty, as if you are unable to mark that 1, you lose the game. Venture along into the newest Dungeon Pages installment and give this hero and dungeon a try!


Dangerous Space: Kwadill, Retrieve Mission

Private Gin has always been fascinated by the latest weapons and gear. The kwandarian’s current favorite is the tri-blaster.

This week you’ll need to be sharper than a stowaway and more strategic than a pirate in order to successfully complete the mission in front of you. What Kwadill lacks in mobility powers, he makes up for in his raw ability to handle threats on the map. Unfortunately, that might prove to be a hindrance this week as he tries to collect Databits within the Queen Blob, marking a sequential path that also includes identical numbers marked on two sides of each of these Databits. With a bit of careful planning and a sprinkling of luck, you might just find he is up to the challenge.


Game of the Week: Handsome on sale for just $2!

You are invited to an evening of wordplay.

In Handsome, you will create words using a common pool of letters and personal letter cards from your hand.

However, to score points, you're not only trying to create the longest word, you're trying to create words using the most cards of a single suit.

A clever twist on word games, Handsome has you trying to balance word length with the suits you are aiming for to maximize your point scoring potential. This game is unique in that the cards lack vowels, they are free to use with your consonants to create your words. With a clever mix of each player having a hand of cards for themselves and some common cards anyone can use, this is sure to deliver a very unique experience.

Check out Game of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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