New Games for May 31st, 2024 - Commandeer the Wicked Frozen Form in the Mysticana Temple

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Temple Punks
  • Mysticana - Kickstarter Preview
  • FantasyForm
  • FantasyForm: Frozen Over Expansion
  • Dangerous Space: Kwadill, Commandeer Mission


Temple Punks

In Temple Punks, you are a Delver sent from The Dim Resort to retrieve artifacts, monster meat, and monster hide from the sunken temples of a lost civilization. In your delves, you will have to navigate areas of the dungeon board to collect items and learn new skills as monsters roam.

An exciting game that brings together a deck of standard playing cards with dice as you delve into temples, defeating monsters and retrieving artifacts in order to win. You trigger events each round, and then use the dice between your player board and the dungeon board, with them being used to both trigger your own actions as well as force the monsters to move around the board. The game comes with a variety of character classes to try, as well as a campaign mode to play through to maximize your ability to get this to the table multiple times without it wearing out its welcome.


Mysticana Kickstarter Preview

Living elements interweave throughout the realm. A water guardian extinguishes a roaring wildfire that leaves behind unrecognizably scorched earth. The seared avatar of that earth rises and consumes the water of a dozen seas. With infinite variations on their eternal cycle, no element can ever reign supreme.

An 18-card Foundation Deck, this deck provides rules for a variety of games and expansions, while leaving the door open for even more in the future. The cards are simply numbered 2-6 - along with an Avatar card - across 3 different suits, with those suits containing a rock-paper-scissors hierarchy to break those ties. Some of the games include a 1-player game of arranging a sequence of possible events, a 2-player game of outplaying your opponent, and a 2-4 player game of guessing and deduction. If you get excited about having a variety of games in a very, very small package, you will absolutely want to check out Mysticana.



Alchemists study the secrets of transforming their bodies into powerful elemental forms capable of impossible feats. A rival Alchemist seeks to abuse this ability for their own gain. Push your skill to the limits and defeat them before they reach their full power.

A thrilling solitaire game experience where you compete against a rival Alchemist, gaining elemental forms and spending shards to upgrade your equipment or make Etheral purchases. Move through the four phases of the game until you defeat the Rival, or they defeat you, or time runs out. This game reminds me a lot of some other great Button Shy titles of the past, such as Spaceshipped, with its clever manipulation of rows of cards and your attempts to integrate them into an effective strategy. Add in some stellar artwork, and you have another pocket-sized winner here.


FantasyForm: Frozen Over Expansion

A heavy blizzard sits above the Outlands. Sudden snow and cruel winds change the landscape in the blink of an eye. Along with the cold comes new alchemical opportunities to explore.

A perfect expansion in terms of its ease of integration, these cards simply shuffle in with the rest of the base game and changes nothing in terms of the execution of the game. This adds a new Elemental Force to utilize, a new Companion, and four new Artifacts to find. If you enjoy having more variety without any risk of changing what you love about a game, you won’t want to skip this expansion. In fact, this is one of those expansions you could just add in from the first play and enjoy from there.


Dangerous Space: Kwadill, Commandeer Mission

Private Gin has always been fascinated by the latest weapons and gear. The kwandorian’s current favorite is the tri-blaster.

This week we’ll take a little closer look at our intrepid hero, Kwadill. He comes with two excellent skills, both of which are certain to provide a ton of help as you navigate through the mission. His Crackshot is simple: add +1 range to your weapon. Add that in with his Tri-Blaster gear tree of upgrades and you have a recipe for someone who can potentially clear threats without getting too close for comfort, which is always a helpful benefit. His Combat Expert skill triggers when marking spaces diagonal to a threat, and allows him to boost a die used to attack that threat by 1. As you can imagine, in a game with dice, that can be all the difference between taking down a threat or looking at a slew of unusable junk.


Game of the Week: Wicked & Wise on sale for just $4!

Hoarding is a lot of work for a Dragon - and also, a lot of play! In order to expand their hoards, Dragons will challenge other Dragons to a game of cards. Sometimes, they need a little help to win - so they call on the wily mice who reside in their caves to “stack the cards in their favor,” so to speak.

This is a trick taking game for both those who absolutely love them, as well as for those new to the mechanic. In here you have partners, with one as a Dragon and the other as a Mouse. The catch is that Dragons play cards only for the numbers, whereas Mice play them only for the abilities. With Dragons playing two cards per trick to the one of the Mice, there’s a lot to really consider in this game. Certainly the gameplay will live up to the namesake, requiring you to be equal parts wicked and wise in order to come out on top.

Check out Game of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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