New games for July 5 2019 - Seasons of Rice

Jason Tagmire

It's (kind of) NEW GAME FRIDAY! It's a holiday weekend here in the US, so we just have a single free game to send your way. It's a black and white Kickstarter preview of Seasons of Rice from Button Shy Games. Seasons of Rice was the co-winner of the 2018 Gen Can't design contest (along with Tussie Mussie ). In Corry Damey’s 18-card tribute to his Cambodian heritage, players are farmers puzzling together paddy cards to expand their family’s “landscape” of rice paddies and ensure the most bountiful of harvests. Seasons of Rice is available here: Thanks everyone! See...

New games for June 28 2019 - Hacker Championship Edition

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! This week we have a whole bunch of new stuff. Chain Mail: Tears of Earthshine Adventure Kit Paper Pinball: Championship Boogerball Paper Pinball: Chromastodon Paper Pinball: Laser Sisters Special Edition Paper Pinball: Sherwood 2146 Special Edition Paper Pinball: Wolf Hackers Special Edition It's a big week for Paper Pinball! Anyone that has bought the previous games would have received updated files as the files were touched up, but we also have 2 new Paper Pinball titles, Championship Boogerball and Chromastodon as well as special editions of all 3 of the original titles. There's also the 4th...

New games for June 21 2019 - Village Throne Time

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! This week we have 3 new games and 2 are free! Dice Throne Tempus Quest: Episode 3 Village Pillage This week we bring one of my favorite games to PNP Arcade - Dice Throne from Roxley Games. It's a free 2 player sampler, but such a fun game. We're also happy to bring Roxley to the site! We also have another free game from Jelly Bean Games - Village Pillage, as well as the next episode of Tempus Quest, the diceless roll and write from Button Shy and Chris Anderson. This weeks new games are all...

New games for June 14 2019 - Dreaming of Railroad Kingdoms

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! This week we have 3 new games and 2 expansions, 1 of which is standalone! Animal Kingdoms Castles of Caleira: Season Two Dreams of Tomorrow Dreams of Tomorrow: Awaken Penny Rails Lots of new stuff this week. We have Animal Kingdoms, which was available previously as a black and white PNP, is now here in it's final release form. That and Dreams of Tomorrow are our first games that come with print files for the boxes. Curious how those will go over and if you are interested in more boxes, please let us know! We also...

New games for June 7, 2019 - Dracula's Spirit Kingdom

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY!   This week we have 3 new games: Crusader Kingdoms: Dracula's Feast: New Blood Spirits of Carter Mansion This week is a little bit spooky and a little bit free. Both Dracula's Feast and Crusader Kingdoms are free downloads. They are also both from new publishers to PNP Arcade. Dracula's Feast comes from Jelly Bean Games and is hopefully not the last of theirs that you'll see here. And Crusader Kingdoms comes from Jésus Peralta Garcia (and also plays solo!). Spirits of Carter Mansion is the second game from Cutlass / Keith Franks, following up on...

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