New games for May 24, 2019 - The Age of Flower Children

Jason Tagmire

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It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! And one with a less difficult title to come up with. :) This week we have 3 new games, and a 4th that is back: Big Easy Busking (back and back on Kickstarter - see below) Chain Mail: The Lost Children Adventure Pack MechAge: Attack of Varanor Tussie Mussie We will get deep into Big Easy Busking in a moment below, but as for the others: Chain Mail expands with a 3rd Adventure Pack. This time there's a Golem, Bats, and a group of 5 lost children to save. MechAge debuts here with the first scenario,...

New games for May 17, 2019 - Tearea: Assemble!

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! And another one where it was DIFFICULT to make a title with these three games. But don't let my poor title skills bog you down. Onto the games! This week we have 3 new games: Area Z Assembly Skytear Area Z by Gabe Barrett is zombie area control game in 9 cards. Assembly by Janice and Stu Turner ramps it up a notch in size with a 2 player game about building a space ship and getting out before it's too late. Then comes Skytear by PVP Geeks with it's massive 50 pages of high quality...

New games for May 10, 2019 - Android Power Folk

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! We have a little takeover this week! Anthelion is taking over our "New This Week Banner" but you can play and take over the universe. Anthelion: Conclave of Power Anthelion: Androids Anthelion: The Folk Anthelion and its expansions are brand new to the Button Shy collection and just now available on PNP. For just $5 you can get the entire collection of base game and 2 extra factions. This weeks new games are all available here:   The Game of the Week is Smoke & Mirrors by Button Shy Games! Smoke & Mirrors is a...

New games for May 3, 2019 - Time Fairy Quest

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! We have 4 new games this week! Launchtime Pretty Fairy Princesses Tempus Quest Episode 1 Tempus Quest Episode 2 A little bit dexterity, a little bit of role playing and a double dose of diceless roll and write! If you haven't played Tempus Quest, Episode 0 is available for free here: This weeks new games are all available here:   The Game of the Week is Banned Books by Button Shy Games! It is the hope of every literary character that their tale will inspire people for generations to come. But how can people...

New games for April 26, 2019 - Extreme Wolf Quest

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! Who wants to go on an extreme wolf quest? Sounds like it might include some swearwolves... This week we have 3 new games this week! North South East Quest Super Pocket League Extreme Wrestling The Boy Who Cried Wolf We have a triple Button Shy week this time with 2 older games from their catalog and one new one. The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Geekdad's Jonathan Liu is brand new and just working its way out to people now. Along with that, there is JR Honeycutt's North South East Quest and Ryan Cowler's SuperPLEX Wrestling....

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