New games for April 12, 2019 - Wild Christmas Pottery

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! This week we have 2 new games and 2 sets of free promo cards! Circle The Wagons: Wildest West and more Lone Cowboy (FREE) Cow Tiger Santa Claus Cow Tiger Santa Claus: Alternate Play Rules (FREE) Kintsugi We have Cow Tiger Santa Claus, which is Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle's essential road trip game. It's great for a family trip or a long convention drive (perfect for heading to Star Wars Celebration this weekend, or any family trip this summer). Also Kintsugi, the peaceful tile laying game with a secret twist, and a set of promo...

New games for April 05, 2019 - Otters By The Sea Score

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! It's a lighter week here with 3 new games. Well one new game, one expansion and one accessory. But one of these has been requested A LOT! Sprawlopolis: Beaches Sprawlopolis: Scoresheets (FREE) Why I Otter While Sprawlopolis didn't win the Board Game Geek Golden Geek Awards this past week, it's still rising the charts there and just broke into the top 1500 games of all time! And along side of that, we've been getting asked about Sprawlopolis: Beaches all week, so it is finally here for you to bask in the sun and try to squeeze...

New games for March 29, 2019 - A Handsome Banned Name

Jason Tagmire

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! We have 4 new games for you this week: Banned Books Banned Books: Animals Handsome In Name Only In that list is something all new, a free Kickstarter preview, and our first (?) role playing game! Just to note: 4 Against Darkness specifically says it is NOT a role playing game. :) In Name Only is just $2 for the first week at PNP Arcade. The full price of $3 starts next Friday. It's also from an old friend, but new publisher to us, J. Harper Rosetree and Doug Levandowski. We've worked with Doug on games...

New games for March 22, 2019 - Foolish Mail Masks!

Jason Tagmire

Hello PNPers! It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! After the onslaught of games last week, we are back to a normal sized week with 3 new games! Chain Mail: Base Game Chain Mail: The Sacred Mask Adventure Kit You Fool Be prepared to see a lot of Chain Mail here. It's a new solo / co-op system by Button Shy Games and designed by our very own Jason Tagmire and Jason Greeno. There's a LOT of content on its way and each game is made up of 5 different customizable parts (map, quest, characters, monsters, treasure). All of that in a pretty...

New games for March 15, 2019 - Unreal Pocket Kingdoms!

Jason Tagmire

Hello everyone! It's NEW GAME FRIDAY! We have a whole bunch of new games this week and TWO NEW PUBLISHERS! Avignon: Indulgence Pack 2 Avignon: Pilgrimage Itty Bitty Dungeon Crawl Istanbul or Constantinople? Ludus Senatus Pocket Ops Sengoku Shields Up! Stroop Unreal Estate The new publishers are Concrete Canoe Games and Grand Gamers Guild! We'd like to welcome them both to PNP Arcade. Check out their games below. This weeks new games are all available here: Wait.. there's something else NEW THIS WEEK! This is not a game, but a utility for game designers. We're thrilled to bring Jay...

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